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Updates for Nov 23rd, 2014:

Removing the Curtain. Part One.

“You must be the young human scientist of which Elder Gwilym informed me. But you look nothing like any of the humans I’ve seen.” A Nature Spirit standing guard near the entrance of Sparkle-licked Spring stopped Callie and Agatha Ng, before they could take another step deeper into the sanctified forest. Unlike Alethea, the sentry was bright blue and visibly much larger than the Organics shopkeeper. Due to discussions with the Risan Nature Spirit, Ng discovered that the size of the spirit is a determinant of its approximate age.Callie and Ng looked at one another in unison, unsure of how to explain the professor’s transformation and to offer proof of her human past.

Suddenly, a familiar face appeared beside the guardian spirit. It was Alethea, ushering the visitors forward. “Oh, never mind Barich.” She grinned. “He is known for his probing inquiries. You’ve arrived just in time. Elder Gwilym just adjourned the Nechurcal, so he’s waiting in the Sanctuary.”

Pausing, Alethea turned to Callie. “I’m sorry, but Elder Gwilym insists that only Agatha be present in the Sanctuary.” Callie, in turn, nodded and retreated to the entrance of the forest. “But you’re welcome to stay at the mouth. I’m sure Barich would enjoy the company.

”Sparkle-licked Spring truly was a remarkable place, and it baffled Ng at just how the Nature Spirits prevailed to keep the place hidden for so long; it wasn’t small. Further down a trail leading deeper in the forest, Alethea and the professor came upon a vast clearing, a crystal-clear, crescent shaped body of water outlined with shale sat in the center of the clearing. A glittering waterfall plunged deep into the farthest edge of the spring, having fallen from a large rock cliff in the back. Near the summit of the rock face stood a towering tree sporting light pink leaves and bright purple buds. Flecks of warm sunlight peeked from above, causing the water surface to appear to be covered with diamonds.

Dozens of Nature Spirits, colored shades of purple, blue, green, brown, and red, sat at the edge of the water and around the serene area. All was quiet, save for the steady buzz of dragonflies hovering near the waterfall, and the chipper tunes of the songbirds nestled in the treetops.

“This is truly amazing,” Ng whispered, shaking her head with disbelief. “I would understand why someone would never want to leave this place.” Alethea only responded with a cheerful hum.

Upon closer inspection of where the Sanctuary might be, and questioning how it could be more serene than this sight, Ng realized there was an opening in the rock face, behind the waterfall, and they were walking right toward it.

Ng’s beautiful guide stopped before stepping foot in the spring. “This is as far as I am allowed to go. But you go forth, and enter the Sanctuary. Within will be the Spirit Elder, and he’ll discuss with you what he has promised."

“He would allow me to just walk in the sacred water?”

Alethea snickered and shook her head. “Your eyes trick you, Professor. You must remember that this place is much different than the outside world. Here, the rigid laws of the world are not necessarily so.”

Agatha bade the Nature Spirit farewell and began to wade through the mystical water. But to her surprise, it was not water at all. Or, if it were, its properties were certainly beyond her knowledge. She didn’t wade through the water; she walked on it as she would walk on any solid surface. But she wouldn’t classify it as solid, either. To her feet it felt similar to gelatin, but when she reached down to touch it, her hand went right rough, as if it were a dense cloud! Needless to say, the waterfall wasn’t a “normal” waterfall, either – it just fell onto her and condensed to warm vapor.

Inside the Sanctuary, a single, silver Nature Spirit stood in the center of the hall. He was larger than any of the other spirits, and his figure glistened bright even in the dim cave. He sported a long golden cloak laced with white gems; fingers on his left hand were adorned with several iridescent bands. And at last, he spoke: “Tell me, Agatha, what explanation have you construed as to the water of this spring?” His booming voice echoed in her ears, and at first Ng thought she’d wince at Gwilym’s loud speech. But she remained unaffected.

“Oh, don’t tell me the ever inquisitive Agatha Ng has deduced nothing? I had hoped we’d have a fruitful discussion.

”Indeed, Ng knew not how to react toward what was happening, but finally she found her voice. “I… honestly have no… idea.” She struggled to keep talking; she was shaking.“Then humor me. Surely you’ve thought of something!”

She could only say one word: “Magic.” And even that one syllable seemed to give Ng cottonmouth.

“Understandable. But, no. The reason the human race has failed to evolve into a more prominent species in the universe is because of its eagerness to explain the unexplainable. And if all justifications fail, it tends to want to purposely overlook or disregard the matter entirely. And can you tell me why this is so?”

A trembling Ng remained silent as a Nurro, as she eyed the great Elder Spirit.

“Go on."

She opened her mouth, able to mutter more words now. “I imagine it’s because of our want to feel in control. To make us feel as if we were the superior race.”

“Why do you believe you’re human?”

The question bolted into her skull and pierced her brain. This was not what she had planned to do; wasting time was all this would accomplish! Ng sighed. “Because that is what I am. There is no answer.”

“There was no underlying question there, Agatha. To believe that you are still human is blasphemous! You are what this asteroid has made you. Reducing your actions to fit your species, which is what you have done, is the exact reason you came today. You came looking for answers, because that is the typical human response. Instead of searching for answers, you should be looking for ways to fix the problem. Explanations are not needed; they’ll only make the situation murkier.”

Ng had finally calmed down, now that she had realized what the elder was trying to tell her. And he made sense; instead of trying to figure out the whys , whens, and hows she should be looking for ways to stop the problem. “All this time I’ve been looking for answers has just allowed whatever is going on to escalate,” She whispered.“Yes! You’ve got it! But curiosity is evident in many species, which is why I agreed to assist you in your journey.” He pointed a thick finger at the ground in front of the professor. “Have a seat. I’ve got information stretching millennia to tell you.”

Updates for Nov 13th, 2014:


For over a year, Professor Agatha Ng worked from sunrise to sundown, trying to discover the link between the hourglass in the Harenian text and the recent occurrences: the Zucarrum attack, Dion’s ominous declaration, and the sudden integration of the Nature Spirits. And here she stood, mere meters from the entrance of Sparkle-licked Spring, a location so remote and mysterious that it was literally shielded from outsiders by a powerful spell. And a spell, of all things! No amount of education or experience could have prepared her for all that had happened since her arrival on the lonely asteroid, Cruithne.
Her eyes traced the edges of the forest and over the beautiful flora. Flowers of ruby and sapphire and other lively greenery mounted themselves in a tangled mesh between the trees, forming a stunning wall offering additional protection to the captivating spring. A wall. Ng’s lips stretched to an expressionless, straight line. To any outsider, the vegetation intertwined in the lattice seemed to have a destiny devoted to providing structure and strength to the protective barrier. But those who know… They know that the flora is only acting in accordance to basic biology; the towering forest trees block the undergrowth from sunlight. So, to survive, the vegetation grows toward the sunlight on the outside of the spring, to continue photosynthesis. Nothing, no matter how powerful or sustainable, can resist the basic principles of survival.
The recognition evoked a flashing flurry of images inside her mind, each one leading the previous around a circular path. It was as if Agatha were peering upward into a mobile of precious reminiscences, memories she avoided since she departed Earth.Tears flooded her eyes as she submitted to the repressed thoughts and feelings. A familiar scene then appeared to her, reanimating from thick blotches of senseless color.

She didn’t believe in true love, and she was quick to criticize any of her peers that succumbed to such petty and immature claims. Love was only a result of certain chemicals and hormones reacting in the body of a human being. More importantly, love was a distraction; it caused irrefutable errors in essential work, ruining progress and soiling evidence. Granted, she was bound to the rules of human biology, as everybody else was, but that was why she vowed to never allow herself to feel, to care.
Feelings would just get in the way.
And then she met him. He was the newest intern at the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), studying Aeronautical Engineering. At twenty-one, he earned his undergraduate degree, and hoped to land a job with NASA when he completed graduate school. But what fascinated her about the new intern was not his notable courage and aptitude, but rather it was how much he reminded her of her own self. Sure, he could never outwit or surpass her strength when dealing with vast amounts of nearly incomprehensible data, but she sensed potential in him.
On the contrary, however, the way he talked, the way he moved – every piece of his being was a mystery to her. And she did not take a liking to submission. She would crack this enigma of a man, just like the other mysteries she solved. To her, the young man was much more than another manila file on her desk. He was perhaps the only human being who could understand her “sophisticated babble” – as several of her co-scientists called her dialogue.
The first day she saw him, he could have been considered another high school student on one of the tours; he wore khakis that appeared to be several sizes too large, a plaid shirt hung loose and untucked over this thighs, and a blue and black cap turned backwards. His sharp-rimmed, crystalline glasses supported his intellect where his other apparel failed, however. Tufts of feathery, amber hair rebelliously escaped through the bottom of the hat, giving the young man an even greater sense of youth. His eyes, the color of sifted, damp earth in a fertile field, peered into the scientist’s sapphire.
He approached the female scientist, hands folded neatly at his gut, calm and confident. All the other interns could not even look her in the eye without breaking a sweat, but this one appeared as if he had already known her. It was like he had everything preplanned in a fail-proof strategy that he devised on his short walk to meet the prestigious scientist. Then, in a single gesture, he offered her his hand; he was expecting a welcoming handshake. “Hello, my name is Matthew Brays, and I believe I am your intern for this term.”
She did not return the friendly gesture, and remained perched with arms folded tightly across her chest. Her position caused her white coat to grip her body, uncomfortably revealing her toned figure to Matthew. She noticed his open expression shift slightly. It wasn’t a significant change, but such a small change this scientist was trained to record. Perhaps her arsenal built with a degree of distance and intelligence would not break the defenses of this new intern. She would bring a slimy weapon she never imagine she’d use; she would intimidate her way into the softer core of Matthew. It was a game.
“I’ve read all about you, Matthew. I am Agatha Ng, chief scientist and experimenter here. I believe you are capable of great things. But, should you have an inkling of a hope to achieve success, I advise you not to disappoint me,” Ng stated blatantly. Matthew smiled, seething with determination. “Oh, I assure you, Professor Ng, everything I provide you will be nothing short of perfection…”
Ng interrupted, agitated, “I am no professor. Please, call me Dr. Ng.” She paused to remove a pen and small notebook from her lab coat pocket. “But for now, I request that you please return to the interns’ office. I will call you with your first assignment.”
The two parted ways, with Ng’s expression as blank as the open notebook she held in her hand. Matthew never stopped grinning. He was going to enjoy this internship much more than he expected.
“Agatha?” Callie waved a hand in front of the face of her friend. “What’s wrong?”
The professor broke from the trance to wipe the tear that had fallen onto her cheek. How could she have been so stupid?
Turning to her confused acquaintance, she muttered, “Nothing. Let’s go.” And so the duo walked forward, inching closer to the refreshing spring and closer to the answers that had eluded them for far too long.

Updates for Nov 6th, 2014:

Getting warmer...

The Blazing Aucuta has been given a marvelous redraw, thanks to Ambivalent! Interested settlers must be aware, however, that this pretty pet can still be very dangerous around flammable items! Even its stripes seem to emanate heat.

Additionally, the Halloween items and activities have officially subsided. However, the Boo Avatars will continue to be available via random events, until the end of next week.

Updates for Oct 30th, 2014:

Something is brewing on All Hallow's Eve...

First: food... Yes, there is food.

It is rumored Hyacinth collaborated with Kouren and Sweets when making the Deviled Spider Egg and Brownie to Die For! When these three get together, the results must be nothing short of extraordinary! Your taste buds may not be prepared.

Then, there are these cute, little things.

Each of these items have returned from years past! Though you may want to watch out for that spiderling! It's not entirely keen on cuddling.

And... Hey! Don't run off just yet!

DJ has provided us with three more avatars! These will be easier to find though, than his previous. Snatch your own in the avatar shop!

Be sure to get a few of these items, because they'll disappear before you know it!

Updates for Oct 28th, 2014:

Dust off your broomsticks, light the cauldron!

Now introducing... Trick-or-Treating!
We're taking trick-or-treating to a special level! Now you can click the trick-or-treat button on a user's profile once a day, and you will be supplied with one of the Halloween items displayed below! Items obtained are random, so you'll have to participate daily to increase your chances of obtaining each item! Be sure to give extra candy and tricks to Hyacinth for creating the new, spooky items!

Is that a pumpkin floating over your head?!
No, silly, it's just some new avatars! While everyone is enjoying a week of spooks and fun, you may happen across one of three new avatars, thanks to DJ. These avatars are only floating around in random events!

Spooky Opponent Returns
Now it is the time of the year, Giant Spiderling have made a return into the battle center, ready for challenge.

Updates for Oct 15th, 2014:

Some Prismlight things!

Few Prismlight items have returned after long break, You can now find Skoi and the Prismlight Cake in the Marketplace. Prismlight Gem are now available although, you may have to do a bit of searching to find them! But hurry, they'll only be there until the end of the Prismlight season!

A change in Premium Package!

The Day of the Dead Ribbon has replaced the Blazing Ribbon in the Premium Package. The ribbons will start to change every few months, so be aware of when the ribbon you want stocks! The Day of the Dead Ribbon will be in the package until the end of November, so purchase your Premium Membership Trophy in the cash shop today!

Updates for Oct 6th, 2014:

Items Redraws !

Hyacinth has redrawn few items!

The recreated Filly, Magequine, Ember Dragon, Frost Dragon, Sanguis, Curved Sword, and Alien Ray Gun are still found in their usual places. Prurrp, the luna item have now changed its name to Tikkytac.

Prismlight items have returned and are now stocking in the Marketplace! Why not head on down to get yours?

The Prismlight Lantern, Prismlight Sail Boat,and Prism Hummingbird are now stocking in the shops. Emerle is available in the rations!

Updates for Oct 3rd, 2014:

Flutter in the air!

The seasonals Flutterbies have gone through transformation, thanks to Hyacinth for lovely redraws! Only Prismlight Flutterby is now available during this season.

Updates for Sep 30th, 2014:

Starting off

“Hey, Aggie, have you seen how the sky changes, in the seconds before Prismlight?” Callie asked, leaning back on one hand to get a full look above. “I bet you haven’t seen anything like that.” She pointed.

Indeed, it was a sight to behold. Moments before, the sky was splattered with dark purples and alarming yellows. Bright stars were the unprepared traveler’s only light; even the sunrise was dimmed. But soon Professor Ng and everybody on the lonely asteroid, Cruithne, started to see. The gloomy, aerial mist that dominated for what had seemed so long started to grow thin. Relentless sunlight flowed through the shroud as if it were water seeping through a sieve. Then, despite Darklight’s best efforts, warm pinks and cool blues seized control. A delightful gradient appeared as wisps and swirls among bright white clouds. The sky was a beautiful canvas.

“It certainly is stunning. I only wish I had paid attention to it before. It’s not every day we get to witness such natural splendor.” Ng yawned and looked around at their makeshift campsite. She had been away from Settlement One for only a couple weeks, and already she was missing the comforts of her own bed.

A trip afar was decided when Callie came with news to Professor Ng at the end of the Festival of Lights. Callie informed her of a sacred place on the asteroid, Sparkle-licked Spring, where Nature Spirits were said to reside. An elder there, called Gwilym, heard of Ng’s effort to learn more about the hourglass foretold in an ancient Harenian text, and he believed he had some information that could help. However, finding the spring would be no easy task, Callie assured. The place was protected by a special enchantment that prevented anyone wishing it harm from seeing the spring.

Ng knew before she embarked that the trip covered many miles. Furthermore, the route they were taking was north of Settlement One, and everyone knows of the vast emptiness in the upper region of Cruithne. For days all that could be seen on the horizon was more flat, red dirt; if Ng would have known this before, she would have thought to bring a book or an audio tape. Instead, excitement of the day included spotting a single withering plant, or so much as seeing a flock of Coracii fly overhead; the trip was uneventful.

Dawn, no matter how awe-inspiring, meant only one thing: it was time to pack. The process had repeated so many times, in fact, that Agatha did it once sleepwalking nights before. She had woken up to warm ashes covering her boot and an entertained Callie.

It had only taken Callie and Ng four minutes to have all of their supplies packed tightly and to continue walking the trail. They stepped in sync, their steps emitting a catchy tap, tap, tap.

Abruptly, Ng halted, her attention sparked. “Is that…?” Her heart had not beaten so quickly since the festival. Peeping over the horizon was a line of straight trees and fluffy greenery. The scene was still too far away to see in detail.

Callie grinned and nodded. “Looks like you’ll be meeting Gwilym by nightfall, if we hurry.”


Prismlight is here! Consequently, the items of Darklight have been taken up and have left the shops. Be prepared to see some new or returning things this season!

Updates for Sep 22nd, 2014:


A popular pet has received a stunning redraw, thanks to Resurgent!

The Acleris is also obtainable in all of the seasonal colors as well as the Albino variant! Go catch your own in Risa, or Acleris Mask is now stocking in Harena area, but hurry they'll only last for two days!

On other note Mask glitch has been fixed.

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