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"Daylight Pets is based on the recently colonised asteroid, Cruithne. Several people migrated here from Earth and you are one of the chosen few!" Read more...

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(May 6th, 2016) | With great power...

...and in a flurry of feathers and talons, down swoop the Crowl! With a little help from Ambivalent, these proud birds of prey are now able to flaunt their feathers with a whole new appearance! Check them out!

Not to be outdone, however, the Plakad and Albie also asked Ambivalent for a couple new additions to their color sets! Check out the Day of the Dead and Diseased Plakad, and the Day of the Dead Albie:

BUT WAIT! There's more!
There are some fancy new toys and weapons stocking in some of the shops. Can you find them all? Be advised; the prices of some of these might break the bank, but such is the cost of power.

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