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Terms and Rules

1.You agree to provide accurate information upon registration. This includes your own name, your own valid email address, and your own date of birth. This information must remain accurate, and must be updated if your circumstances change.It is the user's responsibility to create a strong password and keep that password secure from the knowledge of others.

2. Each user on Daylightpets is allowed ONE and only ONE account. If a person is found to have made multiple accounts, all accounts save for the oldest one will be locked and the user will be given warning. Sharing accounts between more than one person is also prohibited.

3.Internet Proxies and Anonymizers - You are expected to access the site from the IP addresses assigned to you normally by your Internet Service Provider. If you access the site via a proxy server, anonymizing network or any anonymizing software, you will be instantly banned.

4.Cheating and glitch abuse will not be tolerated. Exploitation of glitches or loopholes is not permitted. The discovery of a new bug should be reported immediately to the admins so that the issue can be solved.The use of bots, scripts, auto-refreshers, or third party software designed to play the game is not permitted and this will result to immediate bans and that are harmful to the site or its economy are also NOT able to be appealed.

5. This is a family-friendly site; no swearing or adult content. This applies to the forums, the shoutbox, profiles, and pet profiles. Censoring words, regardless of whether they were aimed at another member, is not allowed. Anything that surpasses a PG rating will be removed and a verbal warning will be issued.

6. Do not harass other members. Legitimate harassment of another member will absolutely not be tolerated. Harassment is hereby defined as any action committed with the intent to maliciously mock or cause distress to other users, including but not limited to targeting on the forums, flaming, unwanted item spam, etc.

7. Do not promote hate and discrimination. Hate speeches, racism, sexism, prejudice, and other offensive commentary/images will not be tolerated and constitutes harassment.

8. Discussing other petsites is allowed. However, promoting another petsite on the forums, the shoutbox, and private messages is not allowed.

Examples of what is allowed:"Woah, you guys see the newest petsite __? It looks really awesome!"

Example of what is Disallowed: "You guys should sign up for __ and refer __ when you do!"

9. Please keep political, religious and other controversial subjects to oneself. While one s beliefs are very important, a petsite is not the best venue to discuss potentially argument causing issues. To keep the peace, refrain from promoting one personal convictions off of public areas(profiles, forums, and the shoutbox); the exception to this is the debate forum, however, BE POLITE and respectful of other people s opinions and beliefs.

10. Concerning the Foreign Language forum : Currently, Daylight Pets allows for foreign languages to be spoken on a singular forum. They should not, at any point, be used in profiles, the shoutbox, and private messages due to the fact that the staff is English based and we have no means to properly monitor.The foreign language forum is a privilege, not a right, and should it be abused, it will be removed from the site in definitely.

11. In regards to the Debate Forum: There are to be no 'this or that' and 'which is better themed boards. These are not only false debate boards but also impossible to really "debate"adequately.

12. Double posting/bumping, spam, chatspeak, and "leet" speak on the forums : Double posting is not allowed as a user can edit their forum posts accordingly; similarly, "bumping" a topic to generate more interest is also not allowed.
EXCEPTION: Only the original poster of a board may double post and ONLY immediately after the creation of the board should they forget something in their starter post. This exception will only be in place until the edit button is recoded and repaired. Chatspeak/abbreviations are allowed as long as they are not abused/used as spam/contain vulgarities. "Leet" speak, however, is not allowed as it is troublesome to read. IE; r3p14c1n6 13tt3r5 w1t4 num83r5.
Strikes: One per infraction for vulgarities. Zero strikes and verbal warning for leetspeak unless you become a habitual offender.

NOTE: Threads made must also contain topics conducive to conversation and discussion - empty topics or topics that contain a single word/character will constitute spam and will be handled accordingly.

13. Keep posts in the appropriate forums. Refrain from posting threads where they do not belong - I.E. - don't post a debate in the 'Pets' sections, don't post a bug report in the 'Job Applications' section, etc.

14. Concerning Premium Pets: Premium members are not allowed to transfer premium pets to non premium users.

15. Site Currency: Art commissions for cp (cash points) are allowed on Daylightpets, however you are not allowed, at anytime, to sell anything related to Daylightpets or artwork of any kind for real life or other site currencies or items. This also applies to pets, names, account etc. If we find this rule has been ignored or abused, your account will be instantly banned with a view to take further action.

**Rule violations operate with a three strike system. You may receive a suspension after your second strike at the discretion of the staff, the period of which will vary depending on the nature and severity of your offense. If you accumulate three strikes, your accounts will be banned without further notice. You may appeal bans, however ban circumvention will immediately void that right.

General Conduct:

-Try to be as grammatically correct as possible. It makes it much easier to get your point across when others can comprehend what you're trying to say.
-Be polite to other users and to staff. This should be common sense, of course, as we're all here to make friends!
-If staff make a decision that you would like to appeal, contact that staff member privately. Please be respectful, even if you disagree with their decision! Contact an administrator if you feel you cannot possibly talk to a staff member without antagonizing them.

If there are any questions about the rules, please post them/contact admin and staff. If you have any queries or need help with anything please email us at: