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Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Jan 1st, 2015:

Are You Ready?

Happy New Years Day, Cruithneans! To help spice up the parties and celebrations, some special items are now stocking in the marketplace!

In addition to the new items, the Pocket Watch has been made available once more, but only for a limited time! Be sure to thank Hyacinth and Taser for these festive items!

Updates for Dec 29th, 2014:

Christmas Contest Results.

Christmas giveaway contest have come to end and everyone who took part in this contest will get a pretty torch bauble, thanks to Taser! .

To find out what the winners have won the prizes are located on the contest forum. Thank you to all the participants for entering this contest ! 

Updates for Dec 24th, 2014:

Is that snow....In Torch!?

A particular shop in the marketplace has been given a new stock of some very festive things!

The Festive Vasuki, Anubi, as well as Gremble now have festive beanie renditions, thanks to Cypher!

Don't forget there is also the final day to claim an advent item! Head on over there after midnight to get yours so the party can start!

The Daylightpets staff also want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday!

Updates for Dec 17th, 2014:

Ooooh fancy!

Well it would seem as though Hyacinth has been at it again and has given the ribbons a cool new look! They still have the same effect as before, but they now carry a much cooler look that people will want to die for them!

Also, be sure you're collecting your daily Christmas rations, you don't want to miss out! They are very limited edition and may never return again until next year, or not at all, so be quick!
The Thanksgiving items have been retired from the marketplace!

Updates for Dec 8th, 2014:

Spike Redraws !

Cruithneans, prepare to fight the crowd when you all head out to adopt your very own, redrawn Spike!

These revamped canines are just as feisty and playful as ever, and are also available in each seasonal variant, as well as in Albino!

You can thank the lovely Hyacinth for redrawing this lovable creature. Just beware those (much) enlarged spikes! Perhaps a spike trimming device is in store for future Spike owners?!

Christmas Giveaway Contest

Here is your chance to win one of great prizes of nebula ribbons, dP or cP vouchers, check out the Contest thread on the forum. Have fun and Good luck!

Updates for Dec 1st, 2014:

Beginning of the End.

Pinch, punch, first day of the month! It's the 1st of December! You know what that means? That's right, get out your Christmas trees, wrap your presents and whip out those seasonal songs, because Santa is indeed coming to town. In celebration of the most cheerful month of the year, the Gift Rations will be dispensing a rare Christmas item each day! So, remember to head on down whilst you can and get today's gift!

On another note, the Prismlight season has now ended. We hope you managed to pick up on some of the items before they went! But as one season ends, another must begin. That's right, the Torch season has arrived! Put away your coats and bring out the fans, this will be the hottest Torch so far!

The Prismlight items have now been retired from the shops.

Updates for Nov 28th, 2014:

Sa, Sa, Sa, Savings!

Now, when you purchase a month of premium membership, you get another month completely free! But this nifty sale is only for a VERY LIMITED TIME, so act fast!

Upon activation of a premium membership, you get 50,000 DP, 1,000 XP, one very special, pose-changing ribbon for your pet, a premium-exclusive Luna and avatar, increased bank interest, and an INSANE discount on marketplace items!

Oh, and there's more! You are also able to access the premium shop and adopt a Cain, Somnis, and an IguIgu! Plus, you get to navigate the world of Daylightpets without those annoying ads!

What are you waiting for? With these perks and savings, you would be crazy NOT to take advantage of the deal!

So, head here, to purchase cash points (CP). From there, you can purchase a premium membership, and after which we'll send you your second one completely free!

Updates for Nov 27th, 2014:

Happy Thanksgiving!

"Where is she?"
"You know where she is; I also told you that we'd be solely responsible for the feast this year."
Kouren, with her fur in disarray and her usually spotless apron covered in chocolate frosting and gravy, emitted an exhaustive sigh and began pacing in the center of the baking room. "This is going to be a disaster; I know it," she grumbled
Beo leaned comfortably against the door frame of a popular Settlement One food shop. "Just relax, girl. You overestimate our standards. Give us anything and something to wash it down with, and we're content."
"Relax... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!" Kouren's eyes burst with rage and her mouth widened in an aggravated snarl. "There is no time for that! I am not going to let my reputation spoil, because, because of..."
"...Because of something as unimportant as an adventure that could save Cruithne, our home?" Veles chuckled and approached Kouren, handing her a basket full of the cook's favorite recipes. "Ng and Callie have trusted us to take on the feast this year. If they return to us in a fit, how do you think that'll make us look? We may be a lot of things, but we're not incompetent."
Flipping a gold coin into the air, Beo added, "To be honest, from recent events, I bet the other settlers won't even care for another party. All parties lead to around here is disaster." Kouren screamed and threw a plastic cup at the cool premium shopkeeper. "If you don't leave, we'll be serving you for the feast." She waited for Beo to smugly exit before she explained her plan. "Okay, okay. So obviously I have no time to prepare something as grand as I had wanted. But I will whip something up at such a high caliber that'll knock Sweets off her feet!"
The combat-adept Hiekkan grinned at his friend's restored confidence. After having months to accept his permanent departure from the battlefield, Veles directed his peppy energies elsewhere, further assisting those in need. His friends had given him something to be thankful for, so he was determined to leave others with the same. "Just tell me what I need to do."

The day of being thankful has arrived! New items are now available in the marketplace, featuring the Feathered Headdress and Tomahawk (given to us from Hyacinth) and even Kouren's delicious Sweet Potato Mocha (which was drawn by Kodi)!
But what is most important is not the food or the items; rather, it is being around people we love and who support us in what we do and in who we are. For it is insightful gatherings such as these that help shine light for what we're truly thankful.

Happy Thanksgiving!
-The Daylightpets Team

Updates for Nov 26th, 2014:

Removing the Curtain. Part 3

Professor Ng watched as Queen Edrea’s crown, Rondal’s Hourglass, and the Orb of Sapience floated within an ominous black shadow, which loomed over a large body of rock, which Ng presumed was Cruithne. Suddenly, spurts of crimson and tar shoot from the surface of the asteroid until eventually the entire surface of Cruithne was completely black.“Oh my…” Was all Ng could muster.

“The prophecy states that unless balance is restored to Cruithne, in which a proper predecessor is declared before the rise of the second moon, everything will fall…”“Why does it have to be me? I am sure there are other more qualified beings out there who could fix all this.”

Gwilym grinned. “I expected you to say that. You made it obvious the second you walked in here: you have no idea what you’re capable of. If there is one being suitable for this task, it is you, because you have no desire for power. I am sure you’d find the right candidate to take Agorr’s throne as rightful ruler of Cruithne.”

“So are my options… I can continue to pursue whatever is inscribed on that Harenian tablet, or I can save Cruithne by choosing someone I believe is best suited to be king or queen.”

“Yet again you have it backwards, Agatha. To save Cruithne you must prevent the evil from obtaining Queen Edrea’s items. They already have the orb, so that leaves the hourglass. There is not much more that I can tell you, except that your next move would be to further explore the oldest place known on Cruithne. Hidden there will be a more complete set of instructions of what to do next. And so you are finished here.”

Eyes sparkling, Ng said, “There’s more at Harena.” And looking up at Gwilym, Ng could have sworn she saw the ancient spirit subtly nod his head.

But before Ng could rush out of the Sanctuary, Gwilym uttered, “Simply obtaining Edrea’s items will not fulfill the prophecy. You must remember to find the right heir to the throne!”

Professor Ng nodded with understanding and exited the Sanctuary, rejoining Callie at the entrance of Sparkle-licked Spring, where she explained to her friend all that she had learned.

Updates for Nov 25th, 2014:

Removing the Curtain. Part Two.

Suddenly, a white orb formed in Gwilym's palm, and in seconds, white lines began to appear on the cold rock on which they were sitting. The lines flowed toward one another and connected in various ways; eventually, they formed an outline of a crowned woman. Professor Ng gasped at what she noticed next.

“The hourglass!”

And once mystical white magic finished filling in the details of the crowned woman, indeed, she held an object the shape of an hourglass in her right hand, and a circular item, of which Ng had clue, in the other.

“Many, many years ago – not long after Cruithne had formed – a powerful species, called the Primorians, dominated the universe, with a queen at the head. This queen, Edrea, had abilities even the most adept users of magic today can only imagine. And out of all of her gifts, she needed only a select few to rule over all. However, even she was subject to mortality; she was dying.

”Although Callie had already filled her in on some parts of Queen Edrea’s story, Ng could not help but to be enthralled by the story Gwilym was telling. His deep voice and apparent wisdom made everything seem so clear. He certainly knew how to tell a story. Ng wondered if somehow Dion met up with Gwilym.

“The queen could not be killed by another mortal, but she was susceptible to disease and infection. A disease similar to that of which plagued Cruithne, but much more potent and devastating, wrecked the planet of Primoria, the queen’s home planet, inflicting the queen as well as the majority of the entire Primorian race, itself!

“Even with all her riches and her fame, there was one thing that the queen did not have: immortality. That was her goal since the beginning of her rule. Now, the immortality she ended up with I am sure she did not anticipate in the beginning…”

Gwilym waved a glowing hand, and the white cast of Queen Edrea shifted into three separate figures; the white turned to blue. “Although she had seen her own fate by peering into the future, she knew of one other way to immortalize her name, as well as her influence. She would accept death, if her power lingered on. And she would do this by transferring her own power into tangible objects, so whoever obtained these objects would in a sense be the next Queen Edrea.

“She decided that three items would be enough, and they would be three of her most prized possessions. The first: her seer’s ball. Before it was bestowed with great power, it already allowed its user to see in real time other parts of the world on which it sat; however, Edrea enchanted it to allow its user not only to see other parts of the world, but also be able to manipulate and control the seen area to a certain degree. For her own pleasure, as she was very arrogant, she named the ball the Orb of Sapience.”

“Hold on a minute…,” interrupted Professor Ng. “I remember Callie explaining to me long ago that Agorr, the being responsible for ridding Cruithne of the dreaded disease, had a powerful orb that allowed him to scan the asteroid and survey the damage dealt by the disease. Could that…?”

“…You’re getting too far ahead, now. Allow me to continue... Now, where was I? OH, right. The enchanting of the Orb of Sapience did not go without repercussions for Edrea. All the power she placed within these objects was removed from her own person, thus weakening her and allowing the disease to spread and become more infectious and harmful to her. So her time was limited if she wanted to achieve her sense of immortality.

“Next, she chose her most beautiful possession to enchant: her crown. It is said that for every star in the sky, Queen Edrea’s crown had one embedded jewel. If you choose to believe such nonsense, then go ahead. The truth is, nobody truly knows except for the Primorians, themselves.” The silver Nature Spirit paused to reposition himself on the rock floor.

“Now, anybody who thinks they know of Queen Edrea and her story will tell you that she was too conceited to ever have a family. But they would be telling you a lie. In fact, she did have one son, named Rondal. Rondal was only a child during this deadly plague, and sadly he was one of the first to die as a result. Losing Rondal crushed Edrea, so she vowed that her son live forever with her. And she would accomplish this by bestowing a gift she had given Rondal with untold power. It was an hourglass.”

“This is what she had been searching for all along! The Harenian tablet had information about Rondal’s Hourglass!” Thought Professor Ng.

“At this time, Edrea was very close to death. But she knew that her power could mean the end of time, should it get in the wrong hands. So, she chose to disassemble the items, Rondal’s Hourglass in particular, and scatter the pieces throughout the galaxy.

This way, only the most achieved being able to travel the universe would be worthy of ruling. Alas, this wouldn’t be the case. She hadn’t enough power to properly hide the hourglass pieces throughout the galaxy.“Instead, she hid the pieces on a recently discovered asteroid: Cruithne. Now, keep in mind, she did all of this in secret. Nobody else at the time knew of her imminent doom or transference of power. In fact, she didn’t tell anyone of her plan until, shortly before dying, she told her would-be predecessor Lyra. But she told not of the location of the hourglass pieces. Instead, she had given the crown and the orb to Lyra, in hopes that she’d fulfill Edrea’s dying wish for immortality.

“Instead, Lyra and the other surviving Primorians – at this time, the disease had mysteriously stopped – they agreed that the fate of the galaxy should not rest with one person. So, they formed the Primorian Order, which would consist of many notable survivors, to hold supreme power. And thus is the story of Queen Edrea. I am sure your foaming with questions, but they’ll have to wait.” The symbols had disappeared from the bottom of the cave, and Gwilym’s face turned rigid. “Now, the prophecy…”

“Prophecy?” Professor Ng asked. “How does that include me? I’m not even a native of Cruithne.

”Gwilym shook his head and brought an index finger to his lips. “You continue to listen. I am not to answer any of your questions, as I made very clear in the beginning of our chat. You decide which is a path of more importance, as your options will become evident very soon.

“Your comment on Lord Agorr was indeed correct. The Primorian Order appointed Agorr to serve as a more independent ruler of Cruithne; the other individual planets and inhabited rock bodies received their potentates, as well. The Primorian Order has always had a fascination with Cruithne. Could it be that it is because they know the disassembled hourglass is hidden somewhere on this asteroid? Possibly. But that’s really irrelevant. The takeaway from this is that Cruithne is supposed to have some higher power protecting it from threats. And now that the seat is open, the fate of the asteroid is unknown.

“A dark energy has destroyed Agorr and is now in control of his Orb of Sapience. I am not sure the evil being knows just how influential that orbs makes him, but I am positive he will find out soon. If all fails, this will be the fate of us all.” With eyes closed, Gwilym sends a sliver of glittering magic into the air, which in turn bursts to reveal a large scene. Like a movie.

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