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Updates for Jul 8th, 2014:

Hide the sweets!

Now that the Zucarrum horde is out of the way, and Harena in shambles, what better way to celebrate a bittersweet victory than with some new items?

The Zucarrum plushies are now available in the marketplace; these were created by Hyacinth!

Updates for Jul 5th, 2014:

Daylightpets Birthday Part 2

The rugged streets that meandered Harena were called peaceful by one citizen only a month before. It was as if all fear of the unknown, of what lied in the darkest parts of the asteroid, had dissipated, leaving behind an unfamiliar glow of bliss. But the euphoria was only evanescent.

Every Harenian now stood in the plagued settlement, some fighting, others fleeing, from the infestation of Zucarrum. Veles wielded his blood-licked Scimitar, while others were armed with wooden stakes and boards that fell from the dead structures that once were the most popular places in the rebuilt city.

Veles, glancing between brutish hacks of his blade, noticed the Zucarrumwere locked in a losing fight. Whatever caused these creatures to come back from extinction had no chance against the hardy Hiekkan, who was coincidently visiting Harena on business; Brandhardt had ordered a few crates of Veles’ sharpest weapons for the old king’s impending army. Theweapons shopkeeper, no doubt, was curious of Brandhardt’s sudden want of arms, but business was business. Besides, after the peace treaty, surely the Harenian leader would not be maliciously planning against hisnew friends.


Meanwhile, above Harena, a more menacing threat loomed. A special Zucarrum nearing the size of the mystical Skyra, enveloped in an eerie, black shadow, flapped two gargantuan wings, causing the air beneath themto give out in a deep howl. Drool as thick as syrup dripped from its open mouth. 

Its insatiable thirst for sugar was instantly thrown aside as it realized the fate of its offspring. The dead bodies of the smaller, darkbats were growing in number on the sandy civilization. The large creature bellowed and shook in an uncontrollable rage, then dove violently and swiftly towards the ancient settlement. The Queen was determined to protect her babies, at any cost.

It took only three seconds before the mother Zucarrum was spotted by thekeen Veles. He had just finished skewering two of the demon creatures, before he realized the terror that was about to wipe out Harena’s existence. It would take more than a fully-powered Teslar, and the strongest battler, to defeat the giant Zucarrum.

“Everyone run back, and get down!” Veles shouted at the top of his lungs. He took Syeira in one arm and threw her behind a pile of rubble. Veles arched his back, preparing for the landing.A dark shadow appeared over the shopping square in Harena, only before the Zucarrum Queen met the ground with a crash, her large feet causing the sandstone beneath to burst into dust and pebble. The sheer force of the thing, combined with the air caught beneath its wings, sent a pulsing shock through the city, causing building structures and the nearby mountain to rumble and crack.

For a short time there was silence in Harena, as its inhabitants sat in disbelief and realization that few of them would survive the night, and the creature was busy eyeing the purple blood of its babies on Veles’ clothes and scimitar. But the stillness bolted as the town was met with ahorrifying, deafening screech of the Zucarrum. 

Citizens dropped their weak weapons and ran for their lives as the colossal bat charged aggressively at Veles, its every step splintering the stone beneath. Syeira was opting to stay to help, but Veles only sent her away. “At least I won’t die in vain,” he thought. But even so, he felt his body lose its undying courage, and start to shake. However, before Veles could strike the demon, he heard a voice behind him.

“No! Cassiopeia!” It was Callie, shouting in tears as she watched her old friend march toward the unconquerable beast.

Suddenly, the smooth body of a Blazing Cain shot rapidly by Veles, vigorously forcing him to fall to the side. The Cain’s ashen fur and blue flame were vaguely familiar to the weapons master. He could only remember seeing her last long ago, when the devastating disease ripped through Cruithne, killing most of its residents, and leaving others withblistering boils, bursting with yellow pus. She had aided in the defeatof Pathogen, an evil, diseased creature pent on revenge. Veles shuddered at the thought of the Pathogen, and how she almost killed all the life on Cruithne.

Sight of Cassiopeia was lost as she met the Queen Zucarrum head on, leading to an explosion unlike any other. Blue and even purple flames spewed from the collision; the Queen’s unmistakable shriek erupted in the aftermath. The force of the explosion blew an unconscious Veles through the side of Syeira’s shop. 

The last of the flames flickered out, revealing an empty, charred ground. Neither the Zacurrum mother, nor Cassiopeia remained. Callie fell to her knees, sobbing.

Was it a victory? No one had time to answer, as the dark words of a sorcerer invaded their heads.

He spoke with a serpent’s whisper, calm but obviously dissatisfied with the Queen’s ending. The mage’s voice was uncomfortably loud – it rendered anyone hearing it paralyzed and wide-eyed - yet it made no audible sound. “Fools…”

Callie, in her paralyzed state, could feel a new presence within her body, slithering within her veins, scratching at her stomach. She felt glass shards ripping her insides to ribbon; she wanted to vomit, but herbody was no longer in her control.

The sorcerer continued, “As you mortals sat ignorant in your childish glee, I remained seeking knowledge and power. My creatures may have beendisemboweled, my pet engulfed in the destructive flames of Cassiopeia, but my power remains whole and untouched.

“The only forces capable of preventing darkness from swallowing Cruithneare sleeping within the highest and deepest sanctuaries of this forsaken asteroid.” The voice paused, sending another splurge of agony inside every living Cruithnean. “My friends, something is coming, an epidemic of such splendor that will steal the life from every light on this pathetic place. But for now, farewell…”

In a rush, settlers were released from the paralysis and enchantment, and the blood returned to their brains. 

Callie remained on her knees, tears falling in a steady stream from her eyes. Cassiopeia, her first friend after arriving on the asteroid with her human associates years ago, had given her blast of light to save Cruithne yet again; although, it would be the last burst she would ever shed.


Cassiopeia had only given them temporary safety, however. Chaziel had returned to Cruithne, now capable of devastation greater even than the infamous disease. As a matter of fact, he sat in his temple on the dark side of Cruithne.

Having fled from his defeat at Harena, Chaziel rested on a broken throne, with a crooked staff in one hand, and the other in front of him, atop a very familiar crystal ball. He spoke in a hushed tone, at his deformed servant, Nox. “They passed the test. They have proven to be stronger than I previously thought. But Cassiopeia hasfallen, along with Agorr, and with them, hope will, too.

“Cruithne will soon fall into an inescapable pit of chaos.” Both he and Nox cackled at their plan meticulously unfolding.

Updates for Jul 4th, 2014:

Let Freedom Ring!

Four score and seven years ago...

Okay, well, maybe by now it's been a little longer than that, but nonetheless, on this day, hundreds of years ago, an event occurred that brought about one of the most celebrated holidays in America. That holiday is Independence day, which most of us just refer to as the 4th of July. To celebrate the birthday of America, Hyacinth has baked us up this delicious Slice of July 4th Cake, and Taser created Silly 4th of July Headband and this wonderful Eaglet luna.

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, Daylight Pets!

Updates for Jul 2nd, 2014:

Some extra things!

Just when you think there cannot be any more Anniversary items, Taser has created couple more!

You can get this Fourth Birthday Candle, 4th Birthday Blue Silly Straw, 4th Birthday Green Silly Straw, 4th Birthday Red Silly Straw and 4th Birthday Yellow Silly Straw at the marketplace!

Of Anniversaries and Contests

Another year has come and gone, and once again, it's Daylight Pets' birthday. That's right. It's the 4th anniversary of Daylight Pets, and we'd like to invite you to celebrate us with a writing contest!

Celebrating In Slick

Since Daylight Pets' anniversary falls in the Slick season, it can be a little cold to celebrate how one would celebrate holidays like, say, the 4th of July. What we'd like from you is to know how you and your Daylight Pets family would celebrate Daylight Pets' anniversary in the Slick season!

Your topic must involve celebrating the anniversary of the site, and it must be Daylight Pets related. The maximum is 500 words, and the deadline will be August 1st, 12:00 PM Daylight Pets time. Please submit all completed entries to Schreiber.

Winners will receive:

1st Place: 750,000 DP + 1 Month Premium Membership Trophy

2nd Place: 500,000 DP + 1 Month Premium Membership Trophy

3rd Place: 250,000 DP

Also in celebration to the 4th anniversary of Daylight Pets, you will receive this fabulous 4 Year Anniversary Trophy to display on your profile, made by the wonderful Hyacinth!

As if that weren't enough, you can stop by the toy shop and pick up an 4th Anniversary Red Tiara , 4th Anniversary Blue Tiara , 4th Anniversary Green Tiara , or 4th Anniversary Yellow Tiara . If tiaras aren't your thing, you can also celebrate with the 4th Anniversary Red Popper, 4th Anniversary Blue Popper , 4th Anniversary Green Popper, or the 4th Anniversary Yellow Popper .

More things are coming for the celebrations, stay tuned!

Updates for Jun 30th, 2014:

Daylightpets Birthday - Part 1

Chaziel looked around, his hood spread wide to show his angry distain. The Hiekkan was clearly upset by what he saw around him. Shops bustled, having been built all over since the colonization of the newcomers. The newcomers, he thought to himself spitefully, who thought they deserved everything. Never in all his years had he expected to see a group so bent on changing everything his world has been made of.

His tongue flicked to taste the wind, and caught the unmistakable taste of sweets. By this sense he could locate many things, and he knew they were preparing for a massive celebration. Cakes and toys, and festivities galore.

“Not,” Chaziel hissed, “if I have anything to say about this.”

He looked down the mountains and gazed unto Harena. He lifted a black claw and spoke in a serpent's tongue. The dark Hiekkan laughed to himself as hundreds of little black figures raced past him and into the city below.


The panicked folk of Harena ran about, ducking from the coming horde. Never had they seen so many Zucarrum – a species long thought be extinct. The bat-like creatures flooded the town, eyes a blaze as they sought out sustenance – sugar!

Terrified shopkeepers attempted to barricade their doors and windows, to no avail. The creatures were swift and vicious, tearing buildings apart with their claws to reach the foodstuff they desired. Syeira and Sweets were the worst off, as the Zucarrum flooded to the scent of their target. Both screamed and attempted to keep the winged creatures out, but to no avail.

Veles roared and struck out with a scimitar, a weapon he often kept on hand. His war cry led many others to pick up whatever they could and fight back – the bats were destroying all preparations!

“Hurry, Cruithneans!” Veles shouted, “Drive them back!”

Updates for Jun 23rd, 2014:

Making a return!

Every week, it has become a tradition to allow Cruithneans a special package from the Rations Machine. These rations help make life on the asteroid easier and, in many cases, more enjoyable. And today, settlers everywhere can enjoy a familiar Luna in their ration package!

The Dradolf is now appearing more numerous in packs, so Callie happened to snatch a few to place into unique rations packages. Take care of your Dradolf, though; they do not make an appearance too often!

And to accompany the Dradolf, the Puffowl has also returned from a long break, and is resting in the Luna Adoption Agency! Head down to the store, and Io may let you have one... If the price is right, of course!

In other news, the Daylightpets Staff would like to remind you all to prepare for the anniversary in July. New items and an event are rumored to debut! New things are coming to Daylightpets, so stayed tuned!

Updates for Jun 19th, 2014:

Friends for friends

It would be wrong to forget about our pets during this blistering cold Slick season. So, Case took a day from her hard work to forage for Lunas in the snowy forest off of Settlement One!

The Hanix and Arctica Beetle were found as a result of Case's foraging! Professor Ng has yet to study how these new Lunas react with certain species of pets, so pair them together at your own risk.

Updates for Jun 15th, 2014:


The time has come again, to thank the fathers out there for their hard work and affection. And to help celebrate, some special items have been placed into the shops!

These bow tie cookies and ties have been released with new colors, thanks to Enki! Head on over to the marketplace to get these before they're gone!

Updates for Jun 9th, 2014:

Bitty Babies

It seems there are two more Aucuta facelifts running around, thanks to Case! The Albino Aucuta has been trying it's best to take care of the adorable Newborn Aucuta, but could really use some help. Why don't you adopt one today?

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