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Updates for Oct 21st, 2010:

More victims

The Ailuro and Vasuki have now proven to not be immune to the disease.

We have received a report that Professor Ng has, supposedly, nearly found a cure for this disease, we'll keep you updated on whether or not her research is successful!

Updates for Oct 20th, 2010:

Retiring Items

The above items will be retiring on the 1st November!

Make sure you buy some before it's too late!

Meanwhile... the above items will be coming out of retirement until the 1st November! So make sure you stock up on them too!

Disease Plot - 2

The volume of his voice quickly raised to a booming level, reverberating off the walls of the canyon they had gathered in. "Each day it seems more and more of our species fall ill to this... body ravaging disease... each day we grow weaker and weaker... None of us have yet to die because of it... but who knows how long we can continue like this?" the question was posed in a much softer voice. Then, the more savage tone returned.

"And now, instead of HELPING us... they want to ban us, place us in a quarantine... as if that would help prevent this blight!" Several of the sick nodded, their own anger shimmering through the murkiness of their eyes. “There are even some who say… we should be purged from this world… unless we can somehow, magically, conjure up a cure…” Snaremare snarled softly as some of the creatures near him gasped.

A young Chirops, newly infected, cried out, “But this isn’t our fault! Why should we--”

She was swiftly cut off by a deafening roar. “I believe he had said not to interrupt and to wait to speak.” The mighty Spike curled his lip as he looked up; the owner of the roar was seated on one of the ledges and was yet another whose species was only recently affected by the outbreak. The blue fur was only just starting to show the ugly boils the rest of the ill species bore and her eyes were aglow with her own rage at the situation. She was a Bast of average size with silver adornment instead of gold.

Her tail lashed ferociously as she settled down on the rock she had been laying on. The Chirops she had scolded cover her own face with her wing.

“Thank you, Newcomer…” Snaremane curled his lips up into a half grin, one of his bottom teeth poking out. “A good reminder indeed… …where will it all stop, though?” His voice returned to its previously thunderous volume.

“As it stands, there are not nearly enough votes… to put a block to the proposed quarantine… it will be passed, then what? If they still cannot find a cure, even with a segregation, will we be eradicated simply because we are ill?” Snaremane pushed himself to his feet, his two attendants making sure he would not fall, “WE must be the ones to strike first. WE must be the ones to ensure they really ARE working on a cure for this! WE must form a coalition… and regain control over Settlement One and Harena… we may be ill, sick, near death, whichever you wish to call it… but if we are but one force… they will have little choice but to give in… There are more and more of us each day… who suffer this affliction while they sit around and do little…”

There was a tremor in his legs. He had stayed standing for too long; the mind was strong, but the body was weak, and the old Spike sat back on his haunches. “Some of you, many of you… are not fighters by nature… but what little choice do we have? This is THEIR fault, those settlers… the least THEY can do is cure us… … …now… who is with me?”

At first there was silence and Snaremane laid himself back down. Maybe it had been too much at once, he thought to himself, they weren’t ready for something of this magnitude just yet, something so radical.

Within a few moments of inner deliberation, however, several of the creatures present stepped forward. Others soon followed the lead of the first few braver ones until the whole lot who had come that evening were in agreement: If they wanted to be cured, they needed to fight for it to be done.

Snaremane smiled, this was good, then, very good…

(Once again we thank lucifer for the writing :3)


During this time of crisis, at least you can make friends with people using the new Friend System! As well as a slight modification to the Statistics/Who's Online Pages and Navigation bar.

(If there are any problems with it, post them on the forums!)

Updates for Oct 19th, 2010:

More Species Affected

The disease has spread!

The infection that has swept across Cruithne is now affecting Drotas, Basts, Chirops, Therons and Faerels. Cruithnean scientists continue to research a cure, though the disease seems to respond differently each time they test it.

The Quarantine Proposal is still in place and needs more voters if we are to continue using Settlement One.

Updates for Oct 14th, 2010:

Disease Plot

There was the faint sound of claws dragging languidly across the sandy, gritty surface of Settlement One’s Sector one. The feral beasts who lived on the asteroid were conducting a meeting - at least, the direly ill were.

Word of a quarantine had reached them and there was an outcry of opposition from both them and the non-contaminated feral species. The difference, however, was that those who were illness free were not displaying the increase in aggression and the violent hostility towards the settlers. It seemed that in addition to making its non-human sufferers horribly ill, the mysterious sickness also brought about psychological changes as well. While the body died, the mind thrived - and was angry.

How dare these humans come… they brought this sickness, this blight, this plague on them, didn’t they? Everything was fine until they settled on this, the beasts’ home. Now they were sick to the point of being on the verge of death itself with no cure in sight. Instead of devoting more to cause of finding a cure, they simply wanted to shut them all up in this settlement? Forbid them from traveling about? How dare they! How. Dare. They.

It had taken much for most attendees to get to the meeting point - the deep, desolate bottom of a canyon in Sector One. Some had traveled all the way from Harena itself. The coordinator of the whole event was laying on a large, flattened boulder. He was an oddly massive member of the Spike species. Particularly scruffy and scarred, the illness was obviously treating him no better than life itself had. His left eye was clouded over as a result of the illness seeping into his eye, another battle lost. Brown and green fur had long since lost its luster and several spines on his back were chipped and cracking.

He was flanked on either side by two equally ill, equally ravaged ferals; one Gremble and one Felidae. They hadn’t lost their sight, but looked extremely miserable as both were suffering from what looked like mange and were given to scratch at themselves every so often. Vain attempts to alleviate something that would not be cured by a simple scratch.

The Spike was waiting, though, for all who came to find themselves a place amongst the rocks. Hopefully they’d find some semblance of comfort in time for the meeting to start. Moving his head from side to side, trying to see everything through his lone eye, he was satisfied with the turnout and nodding to his attendants, let out a barking howl.

Those who had journeyed far settled into silence soon after and all eyes were on the Spike. Raising his grizzled head, he regarded them once more, briefly, before speaking.

I am Snaremane,” he growled lowly, “I will speak first… do not interrupt…” his lip curled, “I do not take kindly to interruptions… the lot of you know why we are here… now, let us begin…” though his speech was broken by pauses and the occasional wheeze, his voice was still commanding and echoed throughout the canyon.

(We thank Lucifer for the amazing writing)

Updates for Oct 13th, 2010:

A leaving entity

[Shuffling of papers is heard]
Hello all, this is your friendly admin, mod, artist, Zin, checking in. I'm sorry to inform you that college, work, and a new job on another site (New being a relative term) have kept me from this site for far too long.

Be not afraid of that, however as I will still be around the site, just not as an admin, mod, or artist, I will be around to answer anyone's questions, I will still do miscellaneous stuff for the site, I just won't have that fancy schmancy role, or even that nice parenthesis next to my name on the online list. I guess in short that this is to tell you all that I am retiring from this site as an admin to pick up my old role on the other site as head moderator.
My role on the site was confirmed yesterday by the head administrator on the site, and I know that with my persona I'll have to choose one or the other in the end. I will still work here, but not as much.



Apologies for any lags and weird mysql errors cropping up, the site isn't used to this many people! If it gets to be too much of a problem we'll look into sorting it. Thanks guys.

(PS. I'll (Joe) will answer any messages tomorrow, it's late in the UK) >.<

New Ration

Updates for Oct 11th, 2010:

The Disease Claims More Victims

Attention all users!

The unidentified disease has mutated and is now affecting Swydds, Heikkans, Felidaes and Spikes. We are advising all uninfected pets stay away from infected ones, though this is very difficult for users with both instances of pets. We haven't found any medicine or cures that relieve the symptoms, so make sure you give your pet as much love as possible.

The quarantine imposed on Settlement One is becoming more viable, so go here to vote against it!

In lighter news, the Food Store has taken a mass delivery of its first Halloween 2010 goods. They're not particularly healthy, but maybe they'll put a smile on your poorly pet.

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