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Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Dec 1st, 2010:

She's Back... and better than ever

Hello, my fellow Cruinthians. I have come back once more to help out on the site. With me here, I have some rare critters that I found on my travels. I call them... Jackatabbits. They seem to be a mix of rabbit, and cat... I have sent a few of the more...special...ones to the few members that were online at the time of my return. As per the rest of you two common types can be found in the Luna Adoption Agency.
I have some big plans on the way... Including trying to make some of the things I've seen in the travels I was on. So keep an eye out, yes?
(Please note that this is Semi-In-Character and I have not actually seen new beasts I will be updating on an old project.)

Updates for Nov 28th, 2010:

New Looks Page!

The Looks page has been revamped! It is now much more user-friendly and awesome. Simply select a look, then hover over the images to view the modified pet(s)!

Also, there's been a few item recolours, they're now available in shops!

Updates for Nov 27th, 2010:

Blazing Albie!

Yep, the Albie can now wear the Blazing Ribbon! We thank yang for this sizzling hot design, (pun intended) xD

Updates for Nov 24th, 2010:

Disease Plot - 5

Amidst the shadow cast by the great stone Sphinx, Brandhardt was mapping various tactics out in his head, how he'd protect his homeland of Harena from the diseased creatures that threatened to descend upon the ancient desert. Initially, his ideas were passive, as he generally disapproves of violence, though his patience had been severely damaged by the recent announcement of the quarantine being lifted, tensions were rising between the Harenian gretas, and conflict was soon to breakout.

"We must use them! That's why they were created all those years ago. The lord Haren would never have wanted to allow his kingdom to succumb to a pitiful infection... he created them to safeguard the future of this place, which, if we don't emplore them, will drastically change!" Brandhardt roared, unsuccessfully masking his overprotectiveness.

The other Harenian elders muttered to each other, not contributing any additional ideas, they neither agreed, or disagreed, as if they were numb towards the situation, as if they'd never contemplated such events.

Many hours passed, until finally, one of the elders stepped forward.

"Now, Brandhardt, enough creatures and humans have suffered, both emotionally and physically. We need not cause anymore pain towards them. The quarantine has been lifted, so those affected by this ailment can remain in Settlement One and still receive help from the inhabitants, without bothering us here. If we were to engage in battle with them, it would only make the situation worse, and it'd most definitely tarnish our reputation, Haren would not have wanted us to take on less than fortunate beings." the Harenian disclosed, with a sense of high authority, greater than Brandhardt's. "You'll stay passive, let there not be anymore unnecessary casualties."

Brandhardt snarled and wallowed away from the Sphinx, angry, upset and betrayed.


Just after the infected pets of Settlement One had gathered enough resources to siege war on the rest of Cruithne, news came in that the Quarantine proposal had been lifted. Virtually all of the creatures were elated by this, and celebrated, even the Snaremane, whose condition was still deteriorating, shared brief signs of relief. Though Keket was less than pleased. Though glad of the Quarantine revoke, she'd caught wind of Brandhardt's announcements.

As a Bast, she'd grown up in Harena, abided by the laws and views cast upon her by the Harenian community. Her heart was very much in the desert, and to find that Brandhardt's refusing to let any diseased pet access to the sands, she was furious. How could this leader she, and the rest of Harena, respected so much, turn against them based on the fear that this hideous illness would spread to the few inhabitants left unaffected? Keket was heartbroken, her anger and pain coalesced, she shrieked.

"How dare he do this?! He can't just deny us our right to our homeland!"

The celebrations ceased, silence fell upon the group. The Bast wandered up and down the collection of wretched creatures, hoping to ignite a chain of similar views. The pets seemed uninterested, thankful that their battle for their homeland had been won. A couple of Hiekkans slithered forwards, joining Keket's campaign.

"The rest of you, cowards, traitors! I was helping you to save Settlement One, now you won't do the same for me?!" the Bast hissed, glaring at the remaining animals.

This gathered a few more troops, though not nearly as many as she'd hoped. Though it was a start, so Keket decided to try and rally some more support from the creatures living near the Heartache Rift...

Updates for Nov 18th, 2010:

Callie's Back... with a Friend!

That's right, our good friend Callie is back manning some quests. This time, she's accompanied by Professor Ng who's also in need of help with some quests!

Also, the refresh glitch has been fixed >:] and there shouldn't be anymore ridiculous item requests...well there maybe a few, but what else would you expect from a Cruithnean Ailuro scientist?

Check 'em out here!

PS. Sorry about the insane lag and errors, we're going to get some better servers hooked up soon! Thanks for staying so patient! :D

Updates for Nov 13th, 2010:

Quarantine Proposal Revoked!

Quarantine Proposal Lifted

Just as the Cruithnean government promised, now that more than 200 people have voted against the Quarantine of Settlement One, the area will remain open to us all.

Whilst the diseased pets in the vicinity of Sector One are glad to remain free to roam, tensions are fast arising in Harena.
"Those foolish peasants, why would anyone vote to keep those pestulant creatures free to infect the rest of us. One thing's for sure, I won't stop at any cost to prevent them from setting one boil-ridden paw on my sands!" Brandhardt roared, paced up and down in anger, leaving vast imprints on the sun-scorched ground beneath him.

Updates for Nov 11th, 2010:


The Ration Machine is giving out a commemorative little gift for everyone today.

Updates for Nov 10th, 2010:

Some New Art :O

The Bast now has a new Day of the Dead, Diseased and a brand new Blazing look! The Vasuki and Helix also have a new diseased look! All thanks to our returning artist Kat!

Also, in case you missed the Day of the Dead Bast look, it's now the Theron's version! :O

New Development

All newly created pets seem to be immune to the disease! Though their genetic structure has mutated so much it cannot be used to cure the others, well, according to Cruithnean's top scientists. The desperate attempt to find a cure for this horrible horrible disease is ongoing. Professor Ng has been working long days and long nights, but still, no dice. Tensions between Brandhardt and the diseased pets are contiuing to rise, keep an eye out for the 5th Disease Plot Chapter!

Updates for Nov 8th, 2010:

Disease Plot - 4

Several weeks had passed since the monumental meeting of the infected, but that did not mean there were inactive. After the meeting itself, there was a schism among the sickly; the majority joined Snaremane, the remainder opted to further wait out the situation. There had been multiple reports of the more violent creatures attacking settlers who had ventured out on their own, though no fatalities were reported in the incidents. Shops had been ransacked as well with supplies being stolen from some, primarily weapons, food, and healing items.

The threat of a quarantine was becoming more and more real as the danger rose. With time, many of the infected were becoming increasingly belligerent, much to Snaremane’s pleasure. Out of all of the sick, he was by far the most afflicted; his body was failing at a startling rate, but his mind was keener, sharper, and all the more twisted by a hate for the ‘invaders.’ The fact that he was still alive was attributed to his sheer force of will, his desire to see his plans of revenge and retribution come to fruition.

News of the cure had reached him, but he disregarded it as a trick, a trap to lull them all into a false sense of security, and managed to convince his followers of the same. None of the ferals allied with him went to receive the cure and if anything, it increased the occurrences of violence, some even led by the grizzled old Spike himself. Other raids were led by his new right hand, the Bast that had intervened at the meeting.

Keket, as was her name, proved herself to be an apt warrior, even with her sickness. It hardly slowed her or her savagery down. On many a night she was seen with Snaremane conversing about potential plans, potential strategies, potential raids, this or that. The majority of her plans hinged on acts of violence, as a display of power, efforts to instill fear in the settlers to try and scare them into leaving. And on more than one occasion, the Spike took her council and her strategies were acted on.

It was not disputed about who was in charge, though, as Snaremane was more definitely the alpha dog.

There was talk about a new assault, a joint effort of all of the allied infected, but there were still a few more supplies that needed gathering first, before that…


In the heart of Harena, though, the heart of the Sphinx had awoken from its slumber. Brandhardt, a mighty chimaera that had been sealed away by the ancient citizens of the city, was on the prowl. He was to be a guardian of the city in times of trouble, and this was certainly a time that he was needed. So far, his efforts to protect Harena from the attacks of the infected pets had been successful.

As a result of waking up in such chaotic times, though, he found himself incapable of feeling any pity for those who contracted this disease. They were the enemy, now, fighting against people who really had nothing to do with what was afflicting them. To the chimaera, there was nothing condonable about their actions. He vowed to put an end to any of the sick that stood against him, and fought for a quarantine against them, saying it would be a good buffer against their assaults.

(Thank you to lucifer)

Updates for Nov 6th, 2010:

Disease Plot - 3

The day was coming to an end, and the disease was spreading like a fire in the forest. Professor Ng Was still trying to develop a cure to heal the infected pets. But then, it struck her, that maybe if she took a sample of a Gremble's DNA, it would hopefully cure the Grembles, and any other species that she tried it on. But it was risky, and a long shot, but she decided that it was worth a go. She tried it, and it didn't work, she questioned her scientific skills, but then, she realisd it was missing a certain liquid that contained the cells of a Gremble, that may have changed the result of the test. She had to get this liquid, it is know to change the structure of the disease as we know it, for the better! She decided that she was going to need this for the cure, she knew exactly what was needed. She trembled back into the confines of Settlement One, in search for the missing ingredient, moments later, she found it, as a residue on a crater...

It was the residual remains of a Gremble's blood. She went back to the lab, and tested it, and it almost fully cured the sick Gremble, back to its original form, and it was well enough to become immune. She tried it on the Bast too, except this time, with the blood of Bast. It worked for that species too, unfortunately, it didn't work on the other infected species, she was going to need another cure...

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