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Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Jan 21st, 2011:

Retiring Item

The Mysterious Vial will be retiring on the 23rd January 2011. Grab one now to make sure you don't miss out!

Updates for Jan 20th, 2011:

Nebula Vasuki, Bast, and Helix!

It seems that the Nebula Bast, Vasuki, and Helix have made their way onto the scene! They can be colored with the Nebula Ribbon!

Updates for Jan 15th, 2011:

Christmas Pet Design Contest!

We have some winners! (Finally)

Sorry for not posting these sooner, but it's been a really tough contest to judge, especially with the abundance of awesome entries. We have, however managed to pick the top 4:

1st Place Goes to afterlife with her Festive Bast
2nd Place goes to america with his Festive Aiee
Joint-third Place goes to blueandorange with her Festive Theron and hassen with her Festive Felidae!

We also have some special acknowledgements for certain entries:

fanfare's Coracii was removed as an official entry upon her becoming an actual artist for the site, so well done, and welcome to the team!
The best traditional entry goes to backgammon for her Hiekkan

Now don't be upset if you didn't get mentioned here, all of the entries were outstanding and, considering it's one of the first contests held on the site - they were really high quality! So, for that reason, everyone who entered will receive a trophy! So look out for one arriving on your profile soon!

New Site Theme!

In conjunction with the current Desert/Disease plot, I've made you all a nice new site theme! Simply select it from the drop down menu on the Select Theme page.

Updates for Jan 11th, 2011:

From the Ashes we will RISE

To combat the loss of sanity on my part:
The Swydd, Vasuki, Ailuro, Felidae, and Gremble can all now don the nebula ribbon and become one with the universe as a nebula pet

Updates for Jan 10th, 2011:

And the changes continue!

The spike, Chirrops, and Anubi can now don the nebula ribbon and become nebula pets!

Updates for Jan 9th, 2011:

Something's happening

( I do so hate that I always post right after the new disease plot xD, but, this is something in the making for quite some time)

The pain. The suffering. It could be felt on the asteroid of Cruinthe... but it could also be felt outside of it, in space as well. Agorr, an ancient humanoid, look from his seat. A noble king reduced to nothing more than a demi-powerful mage, thrust from his throne when the disease broke out on cruinthe. He glared at the one in his seat. They would pay dearly when he got his powers back... but in the mean time he gaze at a crystal ball, into the shining abyss. He could see masses gathering on both sides, diseased beasts, and hardly affected, at each other's throats... and above all, a fight that no one would win without hope.... or magic.
He growled, clenching his hands into fists and slamming them on his desk. This sent a flurry of movement going behind him as a beast that resembled a coracii squaked and landed on his shoulder. "Alysee" growled Agorr "I can't sit back and keep watching this. I'm sending these out to them..." he said, lifting a glimmering ribbon into the light and showing the coracii-bird. "We're going there... both of us... Understand?" he asked. The bird chirped, skirting from side to side happily and stretching her wings.
( This is going to be my reoccurring character whenever something happens with the nebula ribbons. He happens to be one of my favorite old characters and it's great to get him out of the corner again. IF you would like to join him in a RP (And maybe get a ribbon out of it) you can join me Here)
Pets can now be colored with the "Nebula" color The following pets can be colored "Nebula": Coracii, Monna, Theron, Faerel, Cain, Bast

Disease Plot - 7

Flames blazed in a circle about Callie, roaring angrily as they searched for fuel. Panic grew inside of her, grasping her so much that she could barely even breathe. Cassiopeia still circled around her, keeping up the ever-hungry fire that burned with an ivory glow. Callie covered her face with her delicate hands, tears and sweat dripping down her fingers as she sobbed. Suddenly, though, she began to feel something. The ground was trembling ever so slightly. She looked out from her hands, her thoughts clouded in confusion. The ground shook more and more violently, and, suddenly, she realized what was happening.

She got to her feet and leapt back just in time, being careful not to touch the hot white flames which formed her prison. The ground erupted, sending a shower of dirt and rock all about the arena. The air was clouded for just a moment, hiding what had risen from the ground. But as the dust cleared away, Callie could see that fire was all that separated her from a sand demon of immense stature. Its skin was a sickly green color, much like the sand demons they had seen before. But this one seemed to somehow be more than that. Its height was much grander than that of the others, towering over Callie and casting a large, dark shadow.

It was much quicker than the others, too – in just a moment, it glided over to Cassiopeia, who crouched in front of the fiery circle and growled. The demon made a swipe for her, its razor sharp claws barely missing her flesh. The creature roared, stretching its arms out as it reared, preparing to leap. Cassiopeia was quick to jump aside, sending the thing plunging into the space she’d occupied moments ago. It screeched with fury, angry at the denial of its attack. It whirled around to face the Cain, and lowered its head, showing its impressive horns. Then it started to charge, its feet sending up puffs of dust and sand. In a split second, though, Cassiopeia jumped into the air and landed on the creature, her claws digging deep into its shoulders. It flailed and bucked, trying to shake her off. But she simply held on tighter, sinking her teeth into the back of the demon’s neck. Finally, she flew off the thing, soaring through the air. Still, she landed with cat like grace, her paws smoothly meeting with the ground. In a second, she was up and bounding towards Callie, still trapped in the circle of flames. Cassiopeia leapt through the blaze, seeming to care not about the burning intensity of the fire she’d created. She gently took Callie’s hand in her mouth, and then dashed through the fire, knowing her owner was safe as long as she still held on. Her ice blue eyes darted back and forth, searching the arena for some sort of hiding place. Her sights fell upon a crevasse in the rocks just ahead. It was a narrow fit, but at that point, there was no alternative. The demon was growing closer, and time was running out.

Cassiopeia dived forward into the space, taking Callie with her. Her paws touched the cool, dark stone inside, and she let a small sigh of relief escape. The space was much larger than it had appeared, a small cave of sorts. She lay down with Callie at her side, who was gasping for air as she tried to puzzle out what had just happened. They both lay their heads down and simply relaxed. If only for a moment, they were safe.

Dust had accumulated in the air around the arena, clouding everything around it with a touch of mystery. As thing calmed down, it began to settle, dissolving into nothingness. A form began to emerge from the cloud, growing more and more familiar each second. His face was full of anger, and he grunted with a note of disdain. This figure which stood so tall, so threateningly, could now clearly be seen. It was, indeed, Brandhardt.

We thank our new write lolsylol for this plot chapter! :D

What is this?

It seems that Zin has finally allowed the public eye to see how the pets she make come to be: You can now watch me creating the newest color of pets on my Livestream. All pets (c) Daylightpets.

Updates for Jan 7th, 2011:

Day of the Dead Coracii

The Coracii has received an awesome Day of the Dead look, thanks to fanfare!

Been a bit quiet here lately, don't worry, updates, contest endings, plot updates etc. will be appearing soon. xD Thanks for your patience. :3

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