New Update! (Check it out!)
Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for May 27th, 2011:

Out with the Old...

We've got some great new Blob Beanies, as well as updated versions, for you all. The original editions have been retired, so those of you who already collected them are now the lucky owners of a piece of Cruithne's history! Those beanies are antiques, so keep them safe while you rock that retro blob.
The new Blobs will be added gradually, so keep a look-out, and collect them all!

...In with the New

Updates for May 21st, 2011:

Look What I Fixed!

So much for taking a back seat role on the site xD (This is Joe by the way)

I have recoded 99% of the old quest script so that it now works perfectly! *fingers crossed* It should hopefully be more rewarding and more challenging for you - also Professor Ng seems to be developing a bit of an attitue ;)

Test it out here!

(Likely coding issues will be to do with timestamps/time limits - post in the Forums if you encounter any!)

Updates for May 19th, 2011:

It's All Fun and Games...

The 'Games' Section has two new additions! We now offer a 'Higher or Lower' game, as well as 'Blackjack'.

To make a profit on the Higher or Lower game, you must win the guess, and collect your winnings.

...Until Somebody Wins Big!

Updates for May 15th, 2011:

The Way is Grey

While it's a bit late into the month, we've got a request for our users...
If you've ever known, or lost, anyone with cancer...if you yourself have suffered cancer's effects...we ask that you take a moment to share your story. You may do so here.
While you're there, please check out those links. A life is a terrible thing to lose, and a mind a terrible thing to waste. Brain cancer can take both of these things from us, and it would certainly be a shame to let them go without a fight. One of our users, Matt, has a friend who is fighting with all her might. We ask that you cheer her on, as best you can. Those who stay strong in the face of adversity are some of the most pure human beings out there, and they deserve our support.

With that said, we have some new items for you, Cruithne! They will be added over the next few days, so keep an eye open! (And don't forget to look for Random Events!)
Thanks again, everyone! Stay strong, and good luck collecting!

The Howling Winds

It seems to be a time of change on Cruinthe, the anubi has shed it's prior form to reveal a new look, so has their nebula counterparts.

From the nethers of space comes the Nebula drota. It seems that change comes in waves, as from the earth itself comes the blazing drota, from fire and earth, infused with the burning embers of the land's heart.

Updates for May 12th, 2011:

The Drota Has Changed!

The drota has finally received a redraw. They seem to stay mostly in the air now, only landing when they need to sleep or if they feel like "waddling" around. How adorable xD

Updates for May 8th, 2011:

All Hail the Mighty MOM

In honour of Mothers' Day, we've got a batch of new items for you. Be sure to nab them all for the most special woman in your life. Whether she gave birth to you, raised you, grounded you, never knew what to say to you, or gave you everything she had and more, there is a mother in everyone's world. She can be a grandmother, an aunt, a sister, a cousin, a foster parent..."She" can be a "he"...From all walks of life, let's thank our mothers for loving us.
Just as we're adding new items, many older ones are being retired. Easter items are disappearing to make way for Mothers' Day items. We hope you all got everything you wanted!

Due to coding problems, the Easter opponents will remain in the arena a bit longer. Feel free to keep beating on them while they're there.

Updates for Apr 30th, 2011:

Take Me to Wonderland

There's a lot to tell you today, Cruithne...and we don't have much time. Things are getting dangerous again, and it's our duty to keep our citizens informed. First, let's look on the bright side with some festivities. Always look on the bright side of life!
It seems that someone brought a pet rabbit with them on the ship when we left Earth...Ng and our other scientists believe this rabbit to have escaped, become exposed to the mild radiation in Cruithne's atmosphere, and mutated...That's not the worst of it, however. It looks like this rabbit was a pregnant doe...That's right, Cruithneans! We have a rabbit infestation!
There appear to be two types of these creatures. The first is a milder, less aggressive lot. The latter is much more angry and always seems to be seeing red! Watch out for that one!

Clear these monstrosities out and make our homes safe, warriors! It's wabbit-- *Ahem*...Rabbit season!

Now for the grave news...
This is more or less a warning, rather than news...but we've been getting a rather grim feeling, lately. It's a good time for a reminder to stay vigilant, folks. Times have been strange around here, and it's been far too quiet lately. Now that Ng has calmed down after her Sanguis episode, she's back to normal and hard at work. That doesn't mean we can relax, however! We hope you haven't all forgotten about the disease that's been ravaging our young home. Changes are sure to be on the we must always stay alert for anything new. Don't get careless!
That is all...


The sun lay in the sky high over Harena, its rays beating down as if to burn the land. Slight tremors disturbed the ground, shaking it, almost like a warning to others of what was soon to come. The citizens of the desert had started to see odd things – very odd things. Perhaps because of the heat, their eyes were fooling them. But very few people or pets could deny that something strange was occurring in the area. New beasts had begun to appear around the desert, rising from the sand in unexpected places. They were different from the sand demons, some small, some large, and some unbelievably hideous. And though the people’s reports of the creatures differed wildly, they were all sure of who the creator was - Brandhardt. ~ Cassiopeia strode away from the battle center, the flames around her paws now light and wispy, almost like tendrils of bright mist. Callie stayed close to her side, still shaken by the fight she had just witnessed. It had been a terrifying brawl, the sand demons more vicious than ever before. She was happy to be out of it, finally, and to get some peace and quiet… A tremendous roar woke her from her thoughts, one of fury and hatred. She felt a sharp pain in her side as Cassiopeia rammed into her, knocking her to the ground. The beast raged past them just then, its head bowed to show its piercing horns, ones that were blacker than the deepest night. Callie struggled to regain her footing, disoriented by the sudden action. A cloud of dust hung in the air around her, blocking her sight as it swirled about her. She heard another roar, and the ground began to rumble. It grew louder and louder, until it was violently shaking. And then she realized what was happening. She lunged aside, soaring through the air as she tried to avoid the beast, but the horn of the creature caught her in the side, piercing her skin like a steak knife through butter. A hot pain coursed through her, throwing her off. She could feel nothing but the gash across her side, hear nothing but her own breath, see nothing but the deep red wound which gushed blood. And for a moment, she heard a beautiful ringing, like that of a small glass bell, tingling delicately... and the blackness engulfed her world.


A new battle opponent has appeared, this one carrying the disease...

Good Things Happening!

*Triumphant music*

It may have taken all day, but we've managed it. From the joint efforts of me (Joe), Poe and Lavenderblue - we've managed to transfer the site to a new server ready for Lavenderblue to take over. :)

There's bound to be a million and one bugs due to links that haven't been updated etc. but post them here to get them sorted out.

"So what you're leaving?!"
Nope, I'm staying here! :D Lavender's allowing me to continue coding/storylines etc. part time whilst she takes over as the site owner. She has more time to focus on here so it will hopefully grow as it rightfully should. I'll be sticking around, doing some layouts and whatnot, so feel free to ask me stuff - but Lavenderblue is the main person in charge now!

All staff are remaining the same apart from the above changes mentioned. Zin will carry on being an admin, as will England. All moderators/artists are remaining (providing they want to) though I don't know their future, it depends on Lavenderblue!

So, see you all soon with some exciting updates!

Updates for Apr 25th, 2011:

Easter Time

Happy Easter everyone! Hope you will have a cracking time. Look out for new items released today. The chocolate bunnies and marchmallow bunnies were drawn by america. Enjoy your hunt! Watch out for more items coming soon.

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