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Updates for Sep 10th, 2014:

We are hiring !

We have staff positions available for 1 writer and 1 moderator. These positions are paid in cP currency and will have monthly premium membership trophy as long they remain active as staff. If you are interested in applying,, pleaae take a look at the applications section on the forum and send your applications in private message to DJ.

Due to unforseen circumstances our pet artist is currently on hiatus and we are looking for 1 possibly 2 pet artists that able to match Daylightpets art style. If you are interested, contact Lavenderblue for more details and requirements.

On other note there is a glitch on all masks please do not use the masks on pets until they are fixed. Thank you for being patient.

Updates for Aug 30th, 2014:

The Return Part 2

It was the day after the Festival of Lights. The sun shined high over head, beaming distinguishable hues of purple and orange through the waves of Darklight clouds and auroras. The crowds that strolled from stall to stall and the sheer exhilaration and happiness from the previous night that once emanated in steady pulses from the grounds had been reduced to a quiet, trashy mess. Candy wrappers and forgotten masks lay strewn on the soft dirt, trodden by dozens of stomping feet. The strings of heavy lanterns sagged sadly, like the decorations understood they fulfilled their purpose and they were to be put up until the following year.

The clean up crew consisted of many more settlers than previous festivals. Usually the professor, Kouren, Veles, and Callie voluntarily handled the final, messy work. The four did not mind it, as they saw it more as a social outing and a formal end to the Festival of Lights, than as nasty labor. “How are y’all coming along over there?” Kouren hollered, leading to a chain of “Almost!” and “Getting there!” Kouren’s booming voice easily stretched to the end of Settlement One; her whispers could quite possibly be heard all the way in Harena, some settlers speculate.

More people pitched in not particularly because there was a larger workload (in fact, Professor Ng could recall times that called for more work, with significantly less helpers), but for the welcoming home of a valued member of the community. Veles was allowed to return to his place in the Armoury, after a couple months of care by a team of Hiekkan nurses. The lively blacksmith had actually insisted on returning the week after his concussion, but obviously was turned down. The travel would have been too much for his wounds at the time.

So, Professor Ng had gathered up a much more diverse team to make not only clean the festival grounds, but the rest of the settlement as well.They had to be swift, too, because a mini celebration was to be had by the Armoury. Kouren said she would bring cakes, and would try her best to imitate the old lady’s tasty festival dishes, and the others planned to decorate the area with streamers and balloons. Veles was scheduled to return later that night, with Azaz.

A couple hours passed, and everyone had completed their work –Settlement One, complete with the revelry area, had been cleaned. And not too soon afterwards the new party, with the props and food and a massive welcoming sign, was set up and they all took their places. The idea was that as soon as Veles was close enough, they would all jump and yell “Surprise!” Kouren asked, only to her dismay, if afterwards they could shout, “Don’t fret! Eat a baguette!”

It did not take long for the colonizers to notice Azaz’s flickering torch exiting the forest, and before they knew it Veles was approaching the Armoury. “It is odd that everyone is in their beds. It hasn’t been dark for long,” Veles noted under his breath. All the way back from Harena, Azaz had been acting strangely and appeared jittery and anxious.It did not take the weapons master long to realize that something was planned for his arrival; he only needed to appear oblivious to the scheme.

Kouren was the first to jump, and she did so too soon. “Surprise!” She shouted. And, turning her head to face the sighs and grumbles behind her, she shot, “If y’all had waited any longer, he would’ve started to think he happened onto the wrong camp!”

“SURPRISE!” The rest of the group hollered as they appeared from behind tables, chairs, and bushes. It did not take them long to switch on the lights and serve the sweet and salty treats.

“Veles, it’s good to see you back,” Professor Ng declared, putting her arms around the Hiekkan. In truth, it had not been long since she visited him in the nurse’s station, but even so it felt to her like a year. “We cleaned up the place for you, but everything else in the Armoury is exactly as you left it.”

Amidst the shouting and snickering coming from the celebration, Veles responded, “I’m sincerely grateful for all the help you offered me back there. All of this,” he opened his arms, gesturing towarrd the party,“This is great and makes me happy, but nothing can match what you did for me in Harena.” Stopping to clear his throat, he continued: “That’s enough of being sappy. I can’t tell you how excited I am to polish some blades again.”

Ng beamed and gave her friend a pat on the back. “Well before you go,you should at least try some of Kouren’s food. She would never let you live it down, if you didn’t.”“I suppose you’re right.” Veles winked and walked to the food bar.

Meanwhile, Callie pulled Ng behind one of the houses, faintly muttering,“Got a second?” so quick Ng could not answer in time. Even in the faintly-lit night, Callie’s yellow eyes shined bright, and her raven hair fell free in tufts over her shoulders. “I know something more about that tablet.” She went on to explain that Ligha, the young bugcollector in Risa, told of the Nature Spirits, of how they were the oldest beings on Cruithne, and how she happened to discover Sparkle-licked Spring around which the eldest of the spirits gathered. But a special barrier guarded it from any traveler wishing it harm. After days of pleading Alethea to allow her to visit the spring, Callie was finally escorted.

“I spoke with the Spirit Elder, Gwilym, about the Zucarrum attack and more importantly about the tablet. But…” Callie voice grew thin, “He calls upon you to Sparkle-licked Spring. He only would tell me so much,and required he speak with you further.

“What did he tell you?”

And so Callie enlightened Ng on the late Queen Edrea, who presided over the galaxy. And that right before her death, she stored her remaining power in her three most cherished possessions: a seer’s orb, her crown,and lastly an hourglass. “But that’s all he would allow me to know,”stated Callie. “To understand the rest, you have to visit him.”

“Finally,” Ng thought. “Progress is being made!” For many months she had been tearing through all of her research and probing her memory in a desperate effort to get more information. And perhaps now the fragments would start to make sense! But she still had Veles’ party…

“He will understand, Agatha, if it means getting to the bottom of that Zucarrum attack.”

Professor Ng agreed that she would travel with her to the spring the next morning, as the exhaustion of everything had taken a toll on her.She also did not want to miss the party she planned.

So after all, much was to be gained from the Festival of Lights. Ng was able to rest assured that when she would leave on her trip the next day that the settlement would be protected by the creatures in the eggs. The fact that the eggs would be hatching real soon in the incubators made her sleep that much more comfortably. For the first time since she started her exploration into the tablet, Agatha Ng was not plagued by unyielding nightmares; she truly believed that things were finally looking positive.

Updates for Aug 29th, 2014:

The Return

“How much longer?”

Chaziel sat on his bone-lined throne, stroking the cold glass of the crystal ball. Today marked nearly two months since the Zucarrum revival and the death of Cassiopeia, one of his most powerful rivals. Since the unexpected defeat of the Zucarrum mother, the dark Hiekkan had been honing in on his powers. It had been a mistake to give the people such a vivid demonstration of his ability, and he realized this. So, to maintain an element of surprise, Chaziel kept his knowledge fresh by testing himself. “As long as I have this Orb of Sapience,” he thought to himself, “There is nothing out of my reach.”

Frustrated with the sorcerer’s growing lack of attention – either that or he was just getting flat out rude – Nox raised his voice and repeated, “Chaziel, how much longer?

“I heard you the first time, Nox,” hissed Chaziel, and by the depth of his exhalation, he was annoyed. “And it’s all in good time, my friend. In the meantime, why don’t you continue chewing the bark from those old trees outside, since you tend to find it so entertaining?”

Nox knew defeat, whether it came from harsh, vindictive words, or from a hard slap across the muzzle. So he snorted and retreated hastily toward the crack in the wall leading to the night-swept, lifeless field that surrounded the castle. But as he slumped to the ground, the damp soil embedding itself in his every crevasse, he noticed a dark figure pass him. Chaziel usually did not have visitors, and honestly, Nox could not remember the last time his master greeted anyone as a friend. Chaziel had no friends. He made it a point to state that often

Back in the castle, Chaziel lounged on the throne. He sat with his back turned on one arm of the chair, with his body facing the other – this allowed his long tail to twitch lively over the edge of the seat. With one look at him, he appeared to be only slightly Hiekkan. His figure and voice were similar to others sharing his blood. But his ashen skin and purple markings, along with the blood red gem on his face, were the making of an ancient spell. While his brethren were better made for survival in the desert and for healing, Chaziel was more apt toward sorcery and black magic.

He lost himself in thought once more, this time he was thinking of Queen Edrea, and what he would achieve with her power. Already he had obtained the Orb of Sapience, or Agorr’s crystal ball, a feat that never has been achieved before. All he needed were the hourglass and the crown, and he would be unconquerable. Not even the Primorians could take back their asteroid, as they so ignorantly left in the hands of King Agorr. The only one standing in his way was that wretched Agatha Ng. But he needed her to move forward with her research, to discover the location of the pieces. If there is one thing the Orb of Sapience cannot foretell, it is the location of the other sources of Edrea's power.

“Chaziel. It’s been a long time…”

The dark Hiekkan’s eyes crept from the center of his crystal ball to the being in the entryway. She had the beautiful voice of a siren, with an all more alluring physical form. Upon closer inspection she closely resembled a Felidae, but her skin and fur were a dark gray, the same hue as the ashes from a days-old campfire. Her eyes were strikingly red, and she had an unmistakable black quarantine symbol on her left shoulder. There was not a single flaw to her body, but somehow she seemed adept in violence and war and death, familiar with all of it even. Chaziel’s eyes brightened upon realizing the identification of his company, and he formed a menacing grin. “Pathogen! Old friend. It certainly has.”

Updates for Aug 25th, 2014:

The celebration continues

With the Festival of Lights well underway, several items have been added to assist in the festivities!

These three new avatars, created by DJ, can now be purchased in the festival grounds! These shall enable you to display your love for the Mielyn and Fielyn in the forums!

In addition to the new avatars, the Darklight Phoenix has been reborn in a ration!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to Settlement One to take part in the fun and games!

Updates for Aug 21st, 2014:

Light it up!

Yes, it is that time again... The much anticipated Festival of Lights has returned to Cruithne - this time with several new additions!

As always, the festival market has been stocked with the older items as well as brand new ones. So, for those interested in spending some of that hard-earned DP on some of new items, such as the weapon SunShine, the delicious Grilled Chicken, or a lovely Lanternfish (to name a select few), head on down to the celebration grounds!

And for the quest-lovers, a little Coracii has been telling us that Dion has a new story to tell us! He can most regularly be found telling stories near the bonfire. So, if you're interested in finding out what he has in store, it is encouraged that you search around that area for him. Could he perhaps shed some light on the recent Zucarrum crisis?
But, don't fret! Dion's first quest from years past has remained active. This way, you can still make a visit to Skyra and see what he has to say.

We can thank Hyacinth, DJ, Taser for the new art, DJ and Schreiber for the new Dion script and Shadowmage for coding the new quest story!

So, stick around for the festivities! Who knows? There may be more to come!

Updates for Aug 13th, 2014:

Delightful Darklight

With the Festival of Lights growing near, several Darklight items have made a return!

You may want to head to the marketplace sometime, to get your hands on a few of these items. They won't be around for long!

Updates for Aug 3rd, 2014:

Something brighter

A popular pet has been given a touch-up, thanks to Hyacinth!

The Nebula Lugarou is now lurking Cruithne with a lightened appearance! Professor Ng claims the pet's brighter coat is due to small changes in Cruithne's atmosphere. Should we be concerned?!

Updates for Aug 1st, 2014:

Where'd all the snow go?

The time has come to reintroduce the Darklight season on Cruithne once again. And with the passing of Slick, that means the special Slick-themed items have also disappeared! If there were still a few you had not snatched yet, don't fret - there's a good chance they will return next year!

In addition to the coming of the new season, the Daylightpets Staff would like to remind everyone of the Festival of Lights, which is to come very soon. New items as well as previous items will be making a come back during the week-long event. So, stay tuned!

Updates for Jul 21st, 2014:

Something cold

Few Cruithneans seem to enjoy the blistering cold winds of the Slick season, but just in case the frostbite is not enough, Beloved has whipped up a colorful treat!

Now you, too, can enjoy this Slick Swirl Cone! You will just have to watch eating it outside - it may just freeze solid. It is now located in the rations. Head on over there to get yours now!

In other news, the Fourth of July and 4th Anniversary items have been retired from the marketplace! Hope you happened to purchase a few, before they disappeared!

Updates for Jul 17th, 2014:

Species Changers

These new masks - Albie Mask, Chirops Mask, DokiDoki Mask, Faerel Mask, Runner Mask, Sphinks Mask and Vasuki Mask that change your pet to another species have now stocked in Harena area.

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