New Update! (Check it out!)
Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Sep 9th, 2011:

What's this...

It seems Grembles from all over the site have changed their forms slightly!

The Slick and Darklight versions of the Gremble are available now, too.

This lovely redraw was brought to us by Eridan!

Updates for Sep 8th, 2011:

The End of The Season...

...draws near! And with it, the Festival of Light items have been retired until next year. Who knows what's around the corner, though!
On a rather unrelated note, the "I voted" avatar has been retired as well.

Updates for Sep 5th, 2011:


The Marshmallow Contest is being extended until the 12th of September! Get cracking on those delicious entries!

Updates for Aug 31st, 2011:

What's this?

How curious - while one of the cart keepers was packing up her wares from the festival, she found a small cache of weapons!
Go get them while they last!

A special thanks towards Taser for drawing this set of weapons!

Edit by shadowmage: I would just like to remind everyone that we are in the process of rolling out major changes in the website. More information can be found Here. If you have any questions message me. :)

The Madness Continues!

Just a reminder that the deadline for the Marshmallow contest is still a few weeks away!
If you want to participate, the information is located here!

Updates for Aug 28th, 2011:

It all draws to a close!

As the festival winds down for its last day, you find yourself wondering where that odd Dion fellow from the day before had gone. His guidance and company sure would be a help as you try to navigate the various stalls and item carts.
You've heard rumors of a large firework show at the end of the night, and have been wandering around to kill time, anticipating the light show.

Nothing particular catches your eye until you decide upon looking down one particular isle - there seems to be a crowd gathering around one cart specifically near the back. Why not check it out? It must be something quite interesting to draw the attention of that many people.
Unfortunately, such a large amount people mean it’s very difficult to see what exactly they’re all trying to purchase. Using a nearby lamppost, you hoist yourself up a bit and…
There they are - two rather curious dragon plushies. They seem like they were made to be a set; they are different enough to be unique, but similar enough to be recognized as belonging with each other. Perhaps you ought to buy a pair for yourself?

The artist's responsible for today's items are Alu72, Hyacinth and Sora!

Updates for Aug 26th, 2011:

The Festivities Continue!

You find yourself in the midst of the festivities. The darkness of the season has been long and grueling, and suddenly, you find there is light everywhere, chasing away the darkness from every nook and cranny. Quite a few people are clad in ceremonial robes; music and laughter can be heard all around. Walking down the street, you marvel that it had been empty less than a few days ago. Stands are set up left and right, some selling food, others selling trinkets and merchandise. Your attention is caught by one particular area - one of the merchants is allowing some of the children to test some of his wares. Fireworks, and lots of them! All different colors and sizes Carefully attended by their parents, their eyes literally light up as their fireworks take flight.

Lost in fascination, you fail to notice someone has stopped beside you. You feel a nudge and turn to investigate. A tall man stands next to you, a grin plastered on his face.

The stranger is looking at a different stand, close to where you’re both standing. Other children were attempting to catch fish with paper nets.
“Fancy winning that game, hey? Catching fish in paper; it seems impossible. There’s a trick to catching them, but hey, don’t look at me. I don’t know it.”
The man smiles, “I’m Dion.” He notices your slightly lost and overwhelmed look, “You know, those fish, koi fish, there’s a legend about them. If a hundred year old koi can swim up a waterfall, it becomes a dragon. Cool, huh? I’ve always wondered what it would be like to fly as a dragon.” He chuckles.
“You’ve never been to the Festival of Light, have you?” He starts to walk away, and waves his arm for you to follow.

You feel something brush the top of your head. Looking up, you see a feathered mask floating in the air. It seemed to be fluttering by, held by nothing. You look back to Dion.
"Those masks you see floating about... don't you know who they're made after? No? You silly egg, the Guardian! That's who! Ah, well, never mind that, why don't we go join in the rest of the festivities?"
You promptly catch up to the man. He looks at you, noticing your curious look as you see shining paper lanterns hovering in the air.

"Gosh, you don't know what the lanterns are for, either? Wherever you came from must have surely been bleak. They cheer the Guardian up each Darklight; all the lights do!"
He can see your dumbfounded look. Dion chuckles again, leading you to the festival center. There is an enormous fire built in the center of the festival. There are dancers wearing masks – the same that had hit your head – performing alongside giant paper dragons. Dion sits on a cobblestone bench, patting the seat beside him.
"You really don't know much about these festivities, do you? Tourists... no worries. Just sit back and enjoy the party."
You sit next to Dion. You notice the lanterns and candles shimmering in a gold dust. As one floats by your head you reach up. Your fingers brush the bottom of the lantern, the gold dust swirling around your fingers. You look to Dion for an explanation.
"It's magic." He grinned. "Rumored to come from the Guardian himself." You look back at the dancers. The paper dragons are swirling around, almost like they are flying.
Dion stands up. You look up to him, "Now you enjoy the festival. I have to go." He smiled. As he walks away, he waves goodbye with two fingers. "You should come back next year." As he waves, you see golden dust swirling around his fingers.

All of the new items featured can be found in the shops! Happy item hunting!
The items above were created by Hyacinth, Cypher, and Lucifer!

Updates for Aug 24th, 2011:

The Festival of Light!

The Festival of Lights is a long held tradition among the native population and is a magic-filled celebration thrown in a time of darkness meant to invigorate the guardian of Cruithne and push away the darkness. The festival offers candle and lantern making, a bonfire, and a dance to help light up the sky.

The bonfire is of monumental size, rumored to light up the entire sky. Dancers clad in masks and flowing robes dance along the fireside with large spectacular paper dragons, performing an ancient dance to lift the guardian’s spirits and bring back the sun.

Magic fills the air and the candles, lanterns and masks float when sprinkled with a special dust. No one knows where this dust comes from, but one gremble in particular, Dion, holds it close and spreads it during the festivities, bringing life to the party. Where he finds it is a mystery as he’s an odd character to begin with. Maybe you should go talk to him. He knows many things, but also believes that dragons, fairies, and other mythical creatures really exist.

Remember to look around the shops for some new merchandise - many of the shopkeepers are stocking up on festival related items!
A big thanks to Sora, Hyacinth, and Lucifer for the items released today!

Updates for Aug 17th, 2011:

Writing Contest Extension

Attention, writers! You may or may not be aware that there is currently a site-related writing contest being held by the staff. Well, it's recently been updated to include a deadline of September 15th, as to allow for more entries, as well as some spiffy new prizes!

The first place winner will receive 300,000 dp, a voucher for 10 cp, and a custom-made item just for them, drawn by one of our talented artists.

Second place will win 250,000 dp, a voucher for 5 cp, and an item of their choice, excluding cp prizes and premium trophies

Finally, the prize for third place will be 150,000 dp and an item of staff choice based on the quality and creativity of their piece.

Each winner will also receive a 'Winner' avatar to add to their collection and show off around the site!

Please send your finished entries to Lolsylol, DJMJ or Lucifer.

For more details about the contest, go to this forum. Happy writing!

Updates for Aug 13th, 2011:

With the Darklight season...

...comes a new color!

Darklight is the newest color one can make their pet!
This very rare cherry took some time to grow, but now that it's ripe, it effects 8 pets!

In addition to the Ailuro and Aucuta, the Nurro, the Charmi, the Lugarou, the Felidae, the Monna, and the Swydd can all eat the Darklight Cherry.

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