New Update! (Check it out!)
Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Feb 6th, 2015:

Weapons Items Redraws

Hyacinth has redrawn the weapons!

The recreated Cain Tail Bracelet, Goggles, Pink Pendant, and Button Shields are still found in their usual places.

There's a brand new theme - the Nebula, for users to enjoy! A special thanks to Shadow for being patient enough to code this new theme!

Updates for Feb 2nd, 2015:

Terror of the Deep.

Have you ever wondered why there haven't been many settlements dotted along the lake south of Settlement One? Lake Torrepax looks like a fantastic vacation pick, to the untrained eye, so what is it that keeps Cruithneans away from the sparkly water?

Resources close to Professor Ng have been hard at work to answer that very question for a while, and they have made a discovery that does not necessarily answer the query in its entirety, but it does provide some insight. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the Deonox.

The Deonox are a small fish breed that inhabit the cold, abysmal waters in the middle of lake Torrepax. They are similar to many marine creatures from Earth in that they use bioluminescence to find prey. Deonox emit a red light which allows them to approach prey without making their presence known - fish are more sensitive to blue light than red. Once the Deonox realizes its prey, it attacks savagely with a small mouth full of razor-sharp teeth. A single Deonox can completely devour a human in less than 1 hour, which, being only five inches long, is an incredible feat.

Although a vicious red fish was rumored to have existed in the salt water lake, Hyacinth was the first to actually acquire one, while on a diving trip to better understand the vegetation growing at the bottom. Thankfully she chose to wear a diving suit reinforced with special, strong fabric to protect her from the Deonox's jaws.

For a VERY limited time - due to the very few caught Deonox - you can have your own Deonox, and can obtain one from the rations machine. Just note that this is a Luna, and while you can attach it to your pet, it may be unwise to do so. Honestly, it's probably not even a great idea that you own one, since they are a newly discovered species whose behavior is still EXTREMELY variable.

But, who knows? Maybe you'll be the next Deonox-extraordinaire. Go for it; just don't say that I didn't warn you.

Wind of Change

Let us all say goodbye to the blistering Torch season, and welcome Bluster! During this season, the asteroid is met with strong winds and nice weather - perfect to go kite flying! Accompanying this wonderful season is a set of Bluster-themed items! You will have to head down to the marketplace to get some of your own.

DJ has also recreated the Bluster Ribbon Avatar! So be sure to check that out when you are browsing the Avatar Shop!

Sadly, though, all this Blustery-goodness means that the Torch items are packed up until next time. Hope you bought a few! The weekly ration will be back again every Monday, be sure to visit there to get your item.

Updates for Jan 26th, 2015:

The Pirates of Dyabor

The sunset is brightest on the wide, open sea. It’s what my father told me, and I experience it first-hand every morning. If I squint I can make out the tiny, pink bodies of little birds flying effortlessly across the vibrantly splattered horizon.

“We’re nearin’ land, Cap’n,” Skully says, tugging at the hem of my shirt with his cold, gnarled fingers. If it were days earlier, I probably would have smacked the young mouse into the salty ocean for distracting me from the sky’s captivating embrace.

But today isn’t like all the others. Today is when I reach the end of my path, carving my name into history. I will become immortal.

“Tell the others and prepare the anchors for landing.”

“Aye, aye.”

Although I share the same lust for treasure as did my forefathers, I do not share their speech. I never understood why they had so much pride to speak so incomprehensibly. At least when I’m remembered, it won’t be for a tangled tongue.

We make landfall a couple hours after Skully’s announcement. It's just Skully, Croix and I - I feel that the rest of me crew would try to take more than their share of the treasure when I find it.

The beach is different than any other I had stepped foot on. Every grain of sand is as white as snow, and the air does not smell of fish or seaweed. Never before have I seen such grandeur on Cruithne.

“Croix, the map.”

“Brawwwk. And your boomstick.”

Oh, that’s right. I had exited my ship in such a hurry that I nearly forgot to take safety into account. I already notice that the creatures and vegetation on this beach are entirely different than those at Dyabor. I must remember that although this is my last journey, if I don’t do it carefully and according to plan, it can all be for nothing.

“Thank ye,” I clap the large parrot on the back and resume eyeing the piece of parchment.

“Ah, see here.” I point to the line of mountains etched at the northern end of the cove. “And look over there,” I motion forward, past the barrier of palms.

“So if t’ map be correct, then that’s where t’ booty’ll be,” says Skully.

“The map is correct; don't disrespect the map,” I snap. “Now, Croix, I want you to scout ahead. Report back if you see any obstacle that could terminate the mission.”

“Croix go look for threats, brawwwk.” The bird flies away, and I send my hand down to my belt. Yep, the cutlass and now the boomstick hang just in reach. I have never spilled blood on a journey, but nothing was going to stop me from obtaining this treasure.

Thankfully, there are no obstacles, and in no time it seems Skully, Croix, and I reach the end of the island, directly above where the red X shows on the map. Thoughts swim around in my head that the isle seems too easy to navigate, being home to a treasure deemed "impossible" to find or retrieve.

We dig around and search at the site for hours, until eventually Skully discovers a lever revealing a hidden passage into the mountain. I keep Croix at the entrance as lookout, and the mouse and I inch ahead, with only a single torch to puncture the thick darkness.

Up to this point, everything goes perfectly as planned. But then it all falls apart, literally.

The cave collapses, sending Skully and I tumbling down into a dark chasm.

“Cap’n!” I hear Skully’s yell grow fainter as we fall farther apart. Croix’s startled squawks fade until eventually I only hear the sound of my body crushing against the jagged cave floor.

“Skully! Croix!” I yell, feeling around for a place to stand. If I can stand… But what am I thinking? This will not be the end of me. It can’t be. It won’t.

I find two shards of rock and, at the expense of the crumpled treasure map, I make a small fire. It won’t burn for long, but if I can make out something, anything, it would not be for nothing.

“Croix! Skully!” I yell again. I look above and notice that the rocks have fallen through and have stacked above, preventing my escape. It will take the strength of an entire crew of men to shift those rocks out of the way. It’s too much for me to push out, so I decide I must push forward in hopes that there’s another cavern leading out of the mountain.

With the dimming flame of the burning map, I begin to move to the farthest wall. The fallen rocks end to a solid, flat surface, I realize. And with each step I hear a peculiar sound. It is the sound of pounded metal dancing against another, many others.

“The treasure is here,” I realize, reaching down to feel the golden coins myself.

But finding the treasure doesn’t make me feel like I thought I would. My heart isn’t beating out of my chest with glee, and I’m not busy loading it back on ship to Dyabor. My heart is an empty void, longing not for riches and fame, but for my friends.

I resume yelling their names until my voice goes mute and my throat aches for a drink. I bury my hands in the soft gold treasure and sob. My greed for treasure is the curse of any who follow my path, before and after. The greed welled up inside my body, causing me to mistake it for something more, something worth risking my life and friends for. I thought I was so much better than my forefathers, and yet the same curse that plagued them covers me like a shroud.

I had a glorious ship, I had enough riches to live several lives to the fullest, and I had loyal friends. I embarked on this journey with greed in my eyes and fame in my mind. But was it worth it?

Now I have everything I originally wished for. I discovered the treasure that eluded its seekers for centuries.

And yet I am left with less than I have ever had.


Why do you look so grim? There's a rumor that the Captain made his way out of the cave, and was reunited with both Skully and Croix! He also made it back to Dyabor safe and sound.
But the treasure is still at large! The Captain decided that his treasure hunting days were over, so he left the island empty handed.

You can own the treasure the Captain left behind! Hyacinth has created each of these new items, that you have the chance to own by purchasing the special Treasure Box from the Cash Shop!

With the use of each box, you can choose to own two (2) of the total six (6) possible pirate-themed items! You'll have to purchase several treasure boxes to take the entire loot for yourself!

Updates for Jan 22nd, 2015:

En Garde!

A special cloud has positioned itself above the Battle Centre, causing many of the battle opponents trapped within to sport new looks! Protectrix is the one responsible for conjuring that strange cloud!

The Kitten, Volk, Hakkim, Centurion, Sand Demon, and the Fetid Sand Demon will enter the arena looking fresher and fiercer than ever before! You may just have to break down and dual-wield a pair of Crystal Staffs to take these new baddies down!

In other news, the Rage Bunny, Mellow Bunny, and Love Bug have successfully exited the arena. You can bet that they will be back during some special holidays and events, though!

The battle is on!

Head on down here to snag you a place in Cruithne's next battle contest! Rules and restrictions are all listed at that link.
Do you have what it takes to win the grand prize? Only the most adept battler on the asteroid will get to rightfully claim the title. OH! And did I also mention that all participants have a chance to win an exclusive weapon? There's that, too.

On other note the New Years items have now retired.

Updates for Jan 19th, 2015:

Get the dentist on standby

Hyacinth and Kouren have been at it again, providing us with some updated cakes!

But that's not all! They've also slightly changed the recipe and overall appearance of some donuts, too!

And in the meantime, why not also pick up a new fiery Torch Donut? But Kouren says that although the flames are beautiful, it would be in your best interest to wait until they die down a bit. That fire is not edible, no matter how attractive it appears!

If you still have your Festive Latte, maybe you can sip that while you chow down on these sugary treats!

Updates for Jan 12th, 2015:

Lights of different color

Now you can celebrate the seasons with a set of updated lanterns, thanks to Hyacinth!

And in addition to this update, a popular book, Your Friendly Guide to Rocks, has been given a new title page by Hyacinth, too! But we have yet to receive any information from the author of the guide if there are any changes of content in this newest edition. At the very least, you can enjoy it's updated appeal!

Updates for Jan 8th, 2015:

A desert surprise

The Anubi has been given a fresh, updated look, thanks to Hyacinth!

In addition to the normal color, the updated Anubi is also available in each of its seasonal variants! Go find your own, now!

Updates for Jan 5th, 2015:

A new leaf

DJ has provided us with some redraws of some popular avatars!

Seasonal avatars will be updated during their respective season. So keep an eye peeled for those redraws!

Updates for Jan 3rd, 2015:

Time to heat it up.

Well, temperatures outside are warming up, so that can only mean one thing: Torch has fallen on Cruithne. As always, items from the previous season have been put back for next time, and some popular Torch items have returned!

How that flutterby carelessly flutters around in the scorching winds and torrential, blistering rains is still a mystery to us. Perhaps if we match whatever is protecting them from the harsh environment, suits of some sort could be crafted to protect the settlers! We'll bring that to Professor Ng's attention as soon as she gets back from her adventure!

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