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Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Oct 31st, 2012:

It is a catastrophe!

The night is young as a strange and dense fog falls upon Cruithne like a blanket. The thick haze even reaches Harena, an area that sees little to no precipitation each year. Doors are slammed shut, shops are all closed up, and the streets of Settlement One are dead. Not even the usual flock of Coracii decided to take flight tonight. All is still across the asteroid.
Suddenly, a cry for help sounds from the other side of the village, followed be several others - each one growing louder and louder. Soon, the entire population of Settlement One is screeching and yelling out, whether it is from only nostalgia or something really is happening is unknown. You know it is late, and that you should go to sleep, though your curiosity begs you to investigate. So, you finally crawl out of your soft bed, pull on a pair of shoes, and step out into the cool, brisk night.
What is that you see? Candle wax appears to be all over the town - on the street and sidewalks, on houses, and, oh, you have happened to step right into a puddle of it. You decide to touch it, and you are able to conclude it is very warm, and smells faintly of vanilla cookies. Besides the strange wax everywhere, pets and other settlers are running frantically about, some waving around a Crystal Staff. Your home street is trashed (lots of trash is caught in the wax, but you just dismiss that).
Minutes turn to an hour as you continue to look around outside, leaving a trail of warm, cookie-scented wax behind you. Suddenly, you hear something crackle behind you, and you turn around quickly to see what it is. What you see is jaw dropping. Every wax puddle is changing, morphing rather, into strange, candle-like creatures. They seem to all come alive when their wicks ignite simultaneously. In seconds you are surrounded by dozens of golden, glowing eyes and mouths. However fear does not come easily, as the yummy smell of pastries fills your nostrils, and soon your stomach makes a muffled rumble - this may not be the best time to be hungry.
As if on cue, Veles, the Armoury shopkeeper, slithers up and hacks his axe every which way, sending hardened pieces of candle wax all over the place. The strange candle monsters do not try to defend themselves, and are soon all eliminated as Veles approaches you and says, "You better come with me, and fast. These crazy things pop up like Nurros; I can destroy them however I want, but they just keep coming back!"
You take his advice and follow close behind him. Soon you both show up at his shop, and he takes you around the back. You hear him mumbling, but you can only decipher a bit of what he says. "Come with me. I have some things in my cellar if you want to help me get rid of these evil things."
Hungry for adventure, you agree to help him rid the asteroid of these new candle creatures. He opens the cellar door and enters, being completely enveloped into darkness. Suddenly, he appears in the doorway and ushers you in, "Do not just stand there! Come, come!"
You enter the pitch-black cellar, guided only by the sound of Veles' movement. Suddenly you hear him come to a stop, and he flips a switch, sending a flash of light throughout the cellar. It probably does not help that you happen to be standing directly in front of the light bulb when he flips it on.
When you regain sight, he hands two things to you. "Keep close to these, and you will live through the night." You look at what he has handed you: a Turquoise Button Shield and a ripe banana. He counters your confused look with a very serious one. He cannot be serious about this... Can he?
“We don’t have much time.” Veles continues, waving a hand and slithering further back into the cellar, rummaging for something else. You shift uncertainly on your feet, wondering what he’s looking for, and how a banana and a button shield is going to help you destroy the strange little candle creatures.
To be continued...

On a side note
It seems like Eridan was able to capture a few of these strange candle creatures, and a few more things to help get ready for Halloween!

The Wicklett, Spotted Eeek, Mischief Night Supplies, and Spooky Avatar are now available in the Marketplace! Though I would get them fast, they will not be around for very long!

Hyacinth has also created some exciting Halloween items, as well as a some delicious looking treats! Just be thankfully these do not really fly! ...That would be weird, wouldn't it?

Updates for Oct 30th, 2012:

A scary avatar!

Well, Hyacinth is at it again! This time she has created a wonderful avatar just in time for Halloween!

The Tombstone Avatar is now available in the Rations! Get it quickly, as it will only be there for a limited time!

Updates for Oct 29th, 2012:

Watch out!

Well, it is nearing that time of the year again! The Halloween festivities are just about to kick off, and with that, some settlers have started the traditional pumpkin catch!
Huh? Confused? Well, do not fret. The only thing you have to worry about now is getting thumped on the head by a falling pumpkin! And that would not be good...
We are at a point now that the passersby will just casually bring a wicker basket along with them, and hold it above their head when they sense a pumpkin is falling! This is a fine way of getting a hold of a free pumpkin, in which can be carved just in time for Halloween! There is even a contest that is held, in which those that catch the most pumpkins would be rewarded!
Since this occurrence is becoming so common, now you can participate in the catch and the contest, too!
Head on over to the games page to play Pumpkin Catch now! The three users that make the most points in this game will be rewarded a trophy according to their place in the competition! Now, this contest ends in a month, so be sure to rack up some points so you can have a chance at one of those trophies!

Updates for Oct 26th, 2012:

A new avatar!

What is this? Hyacinth has created a new avatar for everyone to use in the forums!

The Nebula Lugarou Avatar is now available! Get yours today so you can be talking in style in time for Halloween!

Updates for Oct 24th, 2012:

Pure darkness

An eerie darkness has befallen Cruithne. Settlers everywhere have gone out to see what the matter is, their flashlights dimming from the dense darkness. Not one star is seen; the sky is totally black. Suddenly, a loud shriek is heard, causing the curious settlers to curl down, their hands over their ears. Obviously something is wrong. All the pets are acting up as well. The usual calm pets are now acting out in ways that only mischievous, little critters would.

Suddenly, something whizzes past a group of settlers, nearly knocking them all down. You manage to make out someone mumbling shortly behind, a voice that sounds strikingly similar to Hyacinth! A settler shines a flashlight on her before she runs by, and it is evident that she is trying to catch the creature, as she is holding a huge spotlight and a net!

Finally, she yelled, "Everybody close your eyes!" And, with that, she turned on her spotlight at full power and directs it at the flying creature. The creature is stunned after being blinding by such a bright light. Hyacinth takes advantage of this, and throws the net on the creature; she captured it!

In no time, the darkness had disappeared from Cruithne, and Hyacinth stands, showing off her catch. She says it is a rare Luna that only shows up during this time of the year! She says it is a Halophix, and the only other place she has seen it was in a book she read a few months ago!

Nevertheless, the Halophix is now stocked in the Premium Shop, but will only be there for a limited time! Get one for yourself today! Maybe you can tame this strange bird and its weird power!

Updates for Oct 23rd, 2012:

Avatar redraws!

Hyacinth updated some avatars to fit the current images!

The MP3 Avatar and Doki Doki Redux are now showing off their new looks in the Avatar Shop. Care to show off the new looks in the forums?

Updates for Oct 22nd, 2012:

A rainbow-y little critter

Hyacinth was the first to see a new, brightly colored Luna near Settlement One!

The Emerle is now stocked in the Luna Adoption Agency. Though get one before Prismlight ends. They will only be available during this season!

Updates for Oct 17th, 2012:

A second flash from the past!

Wow! Two more Day of the Dead themed items have shown up for a second round of celebrating this fascinating celebration!

The Spooky DoTD and Mystic avatars have returned to the Avatar Shop for all to buy! Just be sure to not stare at the Spooky DoTD too long. You may experience that frightful jump from the chair! Or maybe even a scream! Make sure to save those for Halloween!

Updates for Oct 14th, 2012:

Into the darkness

What is this? It seems like Hyacinth has created a new Day of the Dead themed avatar!

The Insomniac Avatar can now be found in the Avatar Shop. Though it seems sporting around this particular avatar seems to attract many Day of the Dead Somnis. Even though it may be a little amusing seeing a group of Somnis chasing you in the marketplace, I think you should keep an eye out.

Updates for Oct 13th, 2012:

A flash from the past!

Even though the Day of the Dead is not officially here, a few items released last year have returned for a limited time to help hype everyone up for this year's celebration!

The Festive Skull Necklace, Handmade Day of the Dead Doki Doki Beanie, and the Handmade Day of the Dead Anubi Beanie are now being stocked in the marketplace!

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