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Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Nov 22nd, 2012:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving on Cruithne is remarkably similar to the Thanksgivings on Earth! All the settlers gather with their families, and take a bite from a huge feast! Unfortunately, the pretty orange-colored leaves on the trees are absent; instead, the colors of Fall are replaced with gorgeous Prismlight hues!
To help kick-start the Thanksgiving feasts and celebrations, Hyacinth and Sora have created some lovely items!

The Giblette, Autumn Leaf Beanie, Turkey Pot Pie and Thanksgiving Cookbook are now out in the Marketplace! Prismlight Gem are now available although, you may have to do a bit of searching to find them! Get them quickly, as they are stocked in limited quantities!

A contest comes to a close

The Pumpkin Catch contest is now over! The winners are as follows:
1st Place: Ambrose, with 940 points!
2nd Place: Sege, with 880 points!
3rd Place: Gymnast6824 , with 810 points!

Congratulations to the winners! The award trophies will be distributed very soon. Hope everyone had an enjoyable time playing the game! As for the Pumpkin Catch game, it will eventually disappear until next year!

Updates for Nov 15th, 2012:

There are so many stars out, tonight.

If you go outside tonight, you are sure to catch a glimpse of the endless expanse of stars that adorn the Cruithnean sky around this time of year. There are millions, perhaps billions of them, so maybe it would be a fun idea to take your pets out for a little stargazing? Hyacinth took her pets out the other night, and stumbled across this!

Don't forget to head on down to the avatar shop to pick up your Nebula Coracii Avatar. It will make a stellar addition to your collection!

Updates for Nov 13th, 2012:

Prismlight carries on!

Well, the Prismlight season is well underway, and a few items have been released accordingly - whether they be new or previously released!

You can now find the Prism Hummingbird in the Rations! Though the Prismlight Sail Boat and Prismlight Lantern can be purchased in the Marketplace! Head on over there to get a few of these items now - they are only available in limited quantities, and will only last the rest of Prismlight!

In other news:
The Remembrance Day items as well as the Halloween items have been officially retired from shops. Hope you managed to snatch a few before they disappeared!
And, as a reminder, the Pumpkin Catch competition will be ending on November 22nd - a week earlier than previously stated. So, if you have not already, start playing now to try and get the highest score!

Updates for Nov 11th, 2012:

A time for remembering...

Every year on Earth, during the eleventh day of the eleventh month, there is a time to remember fallen soldiers of war. Many places have people cast their respects by having a moment of silence.
This emotional event is also expressed on Cruithne; however, settlers do not only bow their heads in silence for fallen soldiers on Earth, but for those individuals that fell victim to the deadly Cruithnean disease, as well. Many pets and settlers fought valiantly in the war for a cure during this wretched time of chaos. For this reason, Remembrance Day on Cruithne has two meanings.

To take part in this event, the Poppy is now waiting for you in the Rations! The Pink Poppy and Poppy Avatar will only be available in limited quantities! Get some now before they disappear!

Updates for Nov 8th, 2012:

Look! Up in the Sky!

No, that certainly isn't Superman. But look! There are several shimmery, rainbow-y creatures flying gracefully through the skies above Cruithne. They look remarkably like koi fish, don't they?

Hyacinth was the first one to catch one of these quick little Skoi. So grab your butterfly nets and head outside to see if you can catch one too! But hurry and catch them while you can, these colorful Lunas will only be available through Prismlight.

Updates for Nov 6th, 2012:

For the crazies!

Have you ever just thought of yourself as not normal, crazy, or just totally insane? Have you ever dreamed about having a huge, crazy arrow pointing right at you?
Well, for those of you that just need to make your nuttiness public, look no further!

Now browsing the forums will be much more interesting, thanks to the I Am Nuts Avatar by Hyacinth! Just do not use this avatar as an excuse for some random acts of craziness. There is a certain place for real crazies, and I do not think Professor Ng would like having a new patient...

The Halloween beanies have disappeared for the year! Get around to buy a few more of the other items before they retire, too!

Updates for Nov 4th, 2012:

Somewhere over the rainbow...

There lies cake! Well, not really, the cake is here, and it is mist definitely not a lie. It certainly looks real to me.

Hyacinth has brought us a delicious, heavenly looking piece of Prismlight Cake!. Be sure to get some for your pets today, because this yummy looking slice of cake is only going to be around until Prismlight is over!

Updates for Nov 3rd, 2012:

Look at the pretty colors!

Well, with the Prismlight season at its peak, the rainbows and brightly hued clouds have really made a delightful show! The coats of the wild pets all around have been changed to startling pinks, reds, yellows, and greens! Though one pet in particular seems to be showing off a Prismlight coat that it did not have before!

Lucifer was sidetracked participating the post-Halloween festivities when he seen a beautiful Prismlight Chirops flying gallantly through the exciting hues of the sky. Quickly have your Chirops try a Prismatic Cotton Candy now to make it show off this splendid color variation!

Updates for Nov 1st, 2012:

Midnight Fright!

You are still lost in your wonderings when Veles returns with what he was looking for- a jar of peanut butter. He ignores the look of further confusion on your face and bids you to follow him again, leading you out of the store room and back into the shop. As he peers out the front window to check the status of the chaos and discord outside, you open your mouth to ask him just how he plans on the two of you surviving, wielding only a shield, a banana, and peanut butter against candlewax monsters that seem to reform no matter what, but he cuts in quickly, before you can speak.
“Come with me. Quickly, quickly," the weapons' master urges, waving you through the back door and into an alley that the wax monsters seemed to have overlooked. Silently, you creep forward with Veles, soon enough coming to the mouth of the alley. There are still residents running around frantically, trying to fend off the eerie little creatures, which were now shrieking gleefully and chucking gobs of vanilla cookie scented wax at people.
“You go that way,” Veles instructs, pointing toward the right. You quickly glance that way, surveying the scene. The creatures are everywhere, and you spot Professor Ng crouching behind a trash can, trying to pry dried wax from her tail. You turn to speak to Veles, but see that he’s already headed off in the other direction, so you turn and dash toward Professor Ng.
“Good, I’m glad you’re here,” she says, continuing to pick wax out of her tail as you approach. She eyes your weapons skeptically, shaking her head.
“Well, I see that you’ve spoken to Veles since this happened. Oh, well. No time to worry about it. Come with me. We have got to get this under control.” With that, Ng strode off, leaving you to follow. Suddenly, out of nowhere, one of the little wax monsters comes flying at you, catching you off guard. With no time to think of what to do, you thrust out your hand and attack it - with the banana. The fruit smooshes and oozes out of its ruptured peel, getting all over your hand and the little candle wax creature.
Well, that was useless! you think in dismay, taking a step back and noting that vanilla cookies and bananas is not a good scent mix.
After a momentary pause, the wax creature comes at you again and you jump back, swinging the only weapon you have left at it. The button shield merely grazes the creature, sending warm wax shavings flying. At that moment, Ng pulls a miniature, stoppered decanter from one of her many pockets and pulls out the cork, dumping a green-yellow liquid over the monster. At first it doesn’t seem to do anything, then the little wax figure freezes where it is and drops to the ground. Eyes wide, you turn to Professor Ng.
“Professor, what was in that tube?” You ask as she bends to pick up the frozen wax creature.
“An assortment of chemicals… and peanut oil,” she replies, pocketing it. That was why Veles had brought the peanut butter with him!
“But how did you know?” You say, looking confused.
“These little Wickletts were Lunas, originally,” she explains. “But sometimes the fog that rolls in around this time of year is thick with something that reacts with their wax, and causes them to come alive with mischief. This has only happened twice since I was here. The first time was horrible. We had to wait until the fog went away. The second time, I had anticipated the incident and worked out several possible ways to stop them, and this was the one that worked. After that, we stored them away someplace safe, but it looks as if they have gotten out.” She pulls a few more vials from her pockets and offers them to you.
“Now hurry, we have wasted enough time already. We have got to change them all back to Lunas before all of Cruithne is covered in wax.” Without waiting for you to answer, Ng turns and strides off, wielding a trash can lid. You watch as she whacks the Wickletts with the lid, and then pours some of the solution over the stunned creature. Encouraged, you begin to do the same with your button shield.
Working tirelessly for several hours and with the help of a few citizens, you, Veles, and Ng finally meet back in front of the Armoury. Ng has returned to picking wax out of her fur.
“I think we’ve finally gotten them all. I received word from Harena that the fog quickly disappeared shortly after it arrived. So no Wickletts there, thankfully,” Veles says, looking around to survey the damage.
“I’ll set about gathering them up, and return them to Io in the morning,” Ng states, throwing some more wax onto the ground. "And those in Harena are lucky. This could have turned out much, much worse than it did."
“I’m just glad that’s over,” you confess. You’re tired, a little weirded out by the events of the night, and you smell like cookies. You’d like nothing more than to go home, clean up, and take a nap.
“Indeed.” Professor Ng agrees, adjusting her glasses.
“Now all we have to do is clean up all this wax,” Veles says.
And, so you, Ng, and Veles stayed and tidied up Settlement One. The annual Halloween trick-or-treating was postponed until the next night, where dozens of settlers dressed up in interesting costumes. However, there was one little settler that dressed up as a Wicklett. Let's just say he definitely attracted much of a crowd!

Happy Halloween, Cruithneans!
To help celebrate this scary day, a few items have been brought back from previous years!

The Pumpkin Beanie, Skeleton Beanie, Baby Vampire Beanie, Green Haired Zombie Teenager Beanie, Blue Haired Zombie Teenager Beanie, Ginger Zombie Teenager Beanie, and the Zombie Shop Assistant Beanie have been released yet again in the Marketplace!
Wait, is there more?

The Candigolin pet species has been spotted! Be sure to adopt one very quickly - they will go back into hiding soon!

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