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Updates for Dec 8th, 2012:

Thanksgiving items retire!

Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving items have disappeared for the year. Hope you managed to buy some before they went away! Though it seems like three more candy canes have been hidden on the site!

Hyacinth is responsible for these Anubi, Heikkan, and Sphinx candy canes! Get them before the magic wears off after Christmas!
And, remember, keep the locations secret! You never know... The candy canes, themselves, may bop you on the head if their locations are made known!

Updates for Dec 6th, 2012:

Torch Battle Contest

Are you ready for battling? How about try a luck at winning awesome prizes and a spiffing battle trophy created by Hyacinth's. Go and find out how to enter on here, and get your weapons ready!

Updates for Dec 5th, 2012:

Torch affects new fishing zone!

It seems like the newest pets are showing off their Torch coats!

The Torch Acleris and Vux were created by Eridan, the Uniba was created by Soda, and the Crowl was created by Lucifer and Eridan! Head on over to the fishing zone in Risa to try your luck at catching one of these pets!

Updates for Dec 4th, 2012:

Festive Treats!

Whoa! A strange, magical presence is in the warm, Torch air. It's causing Hyacinth's special candy canes to float in midair and disappear!

The Ailuro, Aiee, Bast, and Albie candy canes are playing a sneaky game of hide and seek! See if you can find them before Christmas, as Professor Ng has concluded that the magic will fade that day, taking the candy canes with it!
One thing to remember though, make sure to not tell others (via messaging, shoutbox, forums, etc.) where to find these candy canes! You wouldn't want to ruin the fun of the search for them, would you?

Updates for Dec 2nd, 2012:

'Tis the season to be Jolly

Although the Prismlight season is over, and such items are retiring... Bring in the new season with joy - Torch is here! There's a lot to look forward to this season.

Referral Contest Winners!

First place goes to Matt with 14 referrals! They won 50000 dPs!
Second place goes to Zirnitra with 10 referrals! They won 25000 dPs!
Third place goes to Renata with 7 referrals! They won 12500 dPs!

Well done to all of you, Keep referring!

On a side note the Crowl was a collaboration between Eridan and Lucifer.

Updates for Nov 30th, 2012:

Four new pets?!

If you have already had a go at the fishing zone in Risa, then you probably have encountered a few new pets!

The Vux and Acleris where created by Eridan, the Uniba by Soda, and the Crowl by Lucifer! These new pet species are native to Risa, and are showing off their dazzling Prismlight coats!

Professor Ng is doing further research on these new species, to find more about their living habits. Why don't you head over to Risa to catch one of these pets?

Updates for Nov 27th, 2012:

The Discovery

Professor Ng takes Callie’s arm, and exits the lab. Once outside, Ng turns to Callie, and says, “You’ve been there before. Could you take me there?”
Callie nods her head. “Oh, yes. However, we probably need one other person to come with us. The more help, the better our chances will be."
“Who do you have in mind?"
“Well, I’ll see if Veles wants to come. He knows the area very well, and actually came with Crasia to investigate the dome, initially. He may even know more about it. Who knows?"
Ng agrees, and they both walk to the Armoury to find Veles intently working on taking inventory. The professor was the first to speak. “Hello, Veles. I’m sorry if we’re disturbing you."
Veles looks up and greets them both with a wide smile. “No, not at all. I was just taking inventory real quick.” He grabs a battle axe, and shines it with a damp cloth. “How can I help you?”
“We actually would like to speak to you in private, really,” Callie says, eyeing Veles. “This is about Crasia.”
A look of surprise sweeps Veles’ face, and he drops the axe. It lands on the floor with a loud crash. “I see,” he says calmly.
“I found a few of her records. Callie has told me everything, at least I hope.” Ng turns to Callie, signaling her to speak, though Veles beats her to it.
“No need for explaining what you know, Professor. I knew it was going to come out sometime. You are an intelligent woman. The truth was bound to show up sooner or later.” Veles picks up the fallen axe and places it back on the shelf. He then walks to the front door, pulls the shades down, locks the door, and flips the sign from OPEN to CLOSED. “We can speak in here. Closing down the shop for a little while will not hurt anything."
Callie runs fingers through her hair, and takes a seat behind the register; Ng and Veles take seats opposite her. “Okay, so Agatha and I were discussing Ogull’s last theory about the glass dome, north of Settlement One."
Veles rests his chin in his palm. “Oh, you’re talking about the great city, Risa.”
Both Callie and Ng shared confused looks. “What?” They both ask instantaneously.
“The glass dome is a city known as Risa, according to a sheet of paper Crasia and I found outside. I still have it stashed up somewhere around here. I will grab it in a minute. Risa is a beautiful city of glass. Inside one can only imagine its sheer beauty. It is said that there are new species of plants as well as pets. It is literally thought of as a civilization in and of itself!"
Callie and Ng are both very interested, as they are leaning off their seat. “But you guys never found the entrance, right?” Professor Ng asks.
Veles chuckles as he leans back in his chair. “Oh, no. Honestly, we searched for an entrance for months and found nothing."
Ng cuts in. “Would you mind going back with us to look again?"
For a few minutes, the Armoury was filled with an unfamiliar silence -- the store is usually filled with chatty customers. “I would be willing to go, yes. However, you must realize how great of a distance it is away. It will take some time to travel there, and, excuse my pessimism, but we probably will come back empty handed. It may be a waste of supplies.” This was certainly not the Veles they were used to. Veles was usually very optimistic about even the most hopeless of cases.
“I really need to get out, Veles. I have been stuck in my lab for too long now, and I feel it’s getting to me. I need some kind of excitement, even if it is a little bit.” Ng’s hopefulness had left. She was desperate.
“I would really like to get out to see it again, myself. I mean, it has been a while since we’ve been out there, Veles. I think we should check it out to see if anything has changed. Who knows? We may even find an entrance."
Veles ponders a bit, then shrugs. “I guess it can’t hurt anything by going back as long as we have enough supplies to last a trip there and back. I’ll go get my stuff ready."
The professor and Callie turn to each other in unison, obviously delighted that Veles agreed to come along. Callie then faces Veles. “Thank you, friend. We’ll go get ready, and meet here."
A few hours passed before the trio met up at the Armoury once again, all set for an adventure. They each had on good clothing, small packs of snacks, and jugs of water. Veles picks up his pack, and puts it around his back. “Now, the trek there is pleasurable once we get away from Heartache Riff. The heat from the lava carries over the trail we will be taking to Risa. Temperatures won’t get blistering hot, though it will be hot enough to make you uncomfortable.” He then picks up a scythe. “I guess we’re all ready for the trip. Don’t mind this,” he raises the scythe, “This is simply for if we run into any nasty critters before we get up there.” Veles smiles. “Let’s go!"
The trip lasted a few hours, and consisted of intense heat near the riff, and a journey through the flat, dusty dry land - the latter of which was the majority of the trip. Though finally, Callie, Ng, and Veles reached the glass dome known as Risa. “My goodness, it’s larger than I expected!” Ng exclaims, taking a swig of water.
“I agree, the thing is huge up close.” Veles knocks on the glass. “Well, remember that there’s supposedly a city in there.” He throws his scythe into the ground, and motions the others to follow. “Well, come on. Since we’re here we might as well take a look around.” Suddenly, Ng stops, her jaw drops. She points a finger to the glass dome. “Guys, was that there before?” Callie and Veles look toward the location Ng was pointing; they both gasp. Callie drops her water container, spilling fresh water onto the thirsty ground. Instead of being shut from the rest of the asteroid, now there is a beautiful glass entrance.
“It can’t be,” Callie says.
“See, guys? I told you, I just had that feeling that we were going to get somewhere today!” Ng exclaims, giving Callie a high-five.
Veles puts his hand to his chin. “Though I do find it odd that the entrance was not there before. It was completely blocked off years ago. I wonder what caused them to change their mind.”
The professor puts her backpack onto the ground. “Who cares? What matters now is that it is open! Let’s go in.”
“Wait, Professor. We cannot just go barging into this place alone. We need to go back and tell the others. Then, we can come back as a group of dozens, rather than a group of three. That way, if the place is dangerous, we will be safer in numbers, and it will be more believable if we all see it at the same time,” Veles states intelligently.
Callie nods in agreement. “Agatha, Veles has a point. I think we need to hurry home, gather up as many others as we can, and return here - no matter how late it gets. Everybody needs to see this.”
Ng bows her head, “I know, I just can’t help thinking of all the new experiments that will take place. This may provide some useful information on new, undiscovered things!” She raises her head, takes Callie’s hand, and nods. “Alright, let’s hurry back to Settlement One and get the others. Hopefully the entrance will still be here by the time we get back.”
With that, Callie, Veles, and Professor Ng return to Settlement One to gather up as many other settlers as possible. In no time, most of the settlers had joined in the journey to Risa, and soon, they were back at the glass city. The entrance was still there.
“Come on, guys,” Ng says confidently. “Let’s go discover a new area of Cruithne!”
And so, Ng led the group of settlers up to the entrance of Risa. They not only take their first step in Risa, but they also start a new chapter of Cruithne.

Finally, the magnificent city of Risa has been opened! Many new shops, items, and other opportunities such as the Library and Hall of Fame await you in this fantastic area, so go out and explore the new city!

Updates for Nov 25th, 2012:

The Truth Is Out!

Callie eyes the edge of her pen anxiously as she nervously taps it back and forth on the white hospital table. She is sitting in Professor Ng’s office as she does each month – catching up on the doctor’s latest experiments and medical breakthroughs, and just to chat with the doctor. Though this time Callie spotted a glimmer in Ng’s eye that made her feel uncomfortable. The once open and friendly Ng had transformed into a research-bound medical doctor bent only on finding out more about her studies. Callie sensed something was wrong – that Ng may know something about the past that Callie and the others have kept secret for the past few years.
Finally, the tapping of the pen ceases as Ng enters the room. The door opens so quickly that it startles Callie - the pen falls to the floor, the sound echoing throughout the room. “Hello, Callie. It is nice to see you again.” The professor’s voice is very soft and quiet, much different than her quirky and energetic tone most settlers had grown accustomed to. Her expression was emotionless. This was very unlike Ng. Her face was pale, and in her hands there was a manila envelope and some other loose papers. Callie returns the greeting. “Hello, Agatha. Is something wrong?” Callie asked. The curiosity returned to her voice. “There is nothing wrong, really,” Ng says quickly. “It’s just…” She pauses. “Unsettling.” The professor opens the envelope, and hands Callie three photos. She then places the loose papers on the table. Callie views the images; they were old photographs of a group of scientists. The pictures were taken outside, the beautiful hues of Prismlight evident in the sky. As she looks at the images, beads of sweat form on Callie’s forehead. “What are these,” she asks. “Oh, they are nothing much. A few days ago, I was looking through some old files, and I found those in a hidden compartment in my desk. It is interesting to know that those images were taken before I arrived on Cruithne with the other settlers.” With that, Ng flips over a few of the papers on the table. The one she stops at, though, is more disturbing. It is a bio sheet with information of a particular scientist that was in the photographs. “I have been doing research on those images, and I eventually found a few old records. Honestly, I do not know why these eluded me before. You see, with the discovery of these images, I’ve had a returned interest in the actual story of humans on Cruithne. I believe that this information plays a key role in being able to find cures for the more dangerous diseases and viruses native to this asteroid; this has the potential to even save a few lives in the future. Now, a week ago I believed that the spaceship crash a few years ago is what caused bacteria from Earth to evolve to life on Cruithne. Sure, the humans served as transporters for many bacteria. Though with the finding of these records, my whole aspect has been changed.” She points at the name on the paper in front of her. “All this proves that we were obviously not the first humans on Earth. There was at least one group before us. Do you have any acknowledgement of that?"
Callie realized where Ng was going with this. “What do you mean? I arrived here the same time you did."
The professor leans back and relaxes in her chair. “Right, I would have believed that before I found these records. Records that were taken nearly two decades ago, mind you.” Ng places the paper in front of Callie, and again points at the name. “Professor Crasia Ogull was the leader in the previous research team. And it is with thanks to her that I create my view. You see, at the end of the report,” Ng turns the paper over, revealing much more blocks of text. “Professor Ogull explains that their spaceship crashed, as well. She believed that there was a powerful gravitational pull in which caused their crash, similar to what happened on Explorer 13. After their crash, Ogull says that she met a woman that appeared to be human. This woman appeared that she landed on the asteroid long before.” Ng pauses and looks up. “This is a quote from her actual report, ‘Thus I conclude this detailed report of day one on this foreign body of rock. The woman I met asked that I call her Callie, is staying close to our research team. We hope that she sheds light on the numerous mysteries of this asteroid.’” Callie stands abruptly from her chair. “Callie, you told me you were on our Explorer 13. The others that have been here far before I have – the shopkeepers – have not said anything about this team. What is the reasoning behind this secret? Just…why would you keep this from me?” Callie looks down, her eyes filling with tears. She sniffles, and begins speaking in a hushed tone, “Okay, okay.” She wipes her eyes with the edge of her index finger. “I have been on Cruithne for a long, long time. Truth is, there have been many humans to arrive here. There were groups of astronauts from Earth that simply got off track because of the strong pull of gravity around the asteroid. The truth is, I was the first ever human to step foot on Cruithne. I was part of a research time much like Crasia’s, and we noticed Cruithne one day, and eventually got the okay to check it out. Within days, my entire team was dead – all had been victims of the dangerous sickness that you cured a while back – though I was affected differently. Instead of getting infected, my body changed to better cope with the change of atmosphere and the disease. In time, the asteroid changed me so much that much of my human characteristics had faded. My eyes darkened, my skin grew pale, and I had gained a strange lust for knowledge that I never had before. Since then, I made a promise to myself that if any other humans were to arrive on Cruithne, I would help them survive – to try to preserve their human traits that are so dear. I met Cassiopeia shortly after arriving, too, and she wanted to help me. As far as keeping it a secret, I met with the others and discussed the dilemma. It is natural for humans to feel suspicious of strangers. We devised a plan that if any other humans landed on Cruithne, I would convince them that I landed with them – to gain trust. We never meant any harm by this secret; we just wanted to make sure that no other humans die trying to convert life on Earth to life on Cruithne. Crasia Ogull’s team was the group before yours. They lived here for a few years before passing, as well. Honestly, your group would have suffered the same fate had it not been for the cure. “ Agatha sat in awe as she absorbed this information. Everything suddenly made sense – she knew that Callie was keeping something to herself before, and now she had it. This new information will definitely help with her future studies! However, there was one thing that she was unsure about. “What was Ogull talking about by "mysteries of the asteroid"? What had she discovered?"
“Crasia was onto something shortly before her death. For as long as I can remember, the large glass dome located north of Settlement One has been locked. I’ve looked around it, myself, and I cannot find the entrance, though she believed that there were still individuals living inside it. Ogull never told me her reasoning behind her thoughts, but I think she may be leaning in the right direction. She thought that if there was life in that area, then they must have some kind of shield against harmful bacteria."
Ng darts up with excitement, dismissing the fact that Callie and the other shopkeepers had been keeping secrets. Finally something new to research besides a deadly sickness had risen to the plate, this something brought back a quirkiness in Agatha. “Well, it looks like we’re going to have a look at this glass dome, Callie.” Ng darts out of the room to grab a blank piece of a paper and pen from her desk. She returns to Callie with a bright smile, “We’re going to find the entrance, I can feel it."

Origins, Part II

The next time you see Agatha, she’s looking worse than ever. This time, she’s in front of the camera, and she looks haggard and thin.
“It’s been a while since the last tape, but things have been quite eventful, here. We’re two months into our trip, and already so much has happened. Everything has gone smoothly so far. Our trajectory has us on the planned course, and we may even be arriving a few days early, if we continue as we have been so far…” She pauses to cough for a few moments, then clears her throat and gives a thin smile.
“I’ve been documenting the daily lives of several individuals aboard Explorer Thirteen, following their progress to see how they have adapted to living here, so far. My results are quite interesting, and I’m eager to see what changes are revealed between the beginning of our trip and the end…” She continues on for a while about life aboard the vessel, and what the scientists expect to find when they arrive. The planet they had in mind was able to support human life, they thought, but, as expected, everyone was quite curious as to what it would actually be like. Agatha, it seemed most of all.
There are a few more clips of Agatha telling you about the progression of their journey throughout; how plants are surviving in the botany lab in their artificial environment, the studies and interactions of other scientists, and day-to-day life, in general. After a while, the screen goes black, and stays that way for longer than usual.
After a few more moments, the screen flickers and comes to life again, and you almost jump out of your chair. Sirens are blaring in the background, and crew members of Explorer Thirteen are milling about in a hasty manner, seeming intently busy in a slightly panicked way. Agatha’s voice sounds over the sirens.
“I’m afraid I have a bit of bad news,” she says. The camera shakes for a moment as she is jostled by an individual rushing past her.
“We were due to arrive within a week, and everything was going well until the pilot caught sight of a massive asteroid orbiting the planet. We planned to maneuver past it, only as we tried, we were pulled into its orbit! The pilot is now attempting to break free, but we only seem to be getting closer. This could prove unfortunate indeed…"
At that moment, one of the other members calls to Agatha frantically and the clip ends abruptly.
A vast expanse of grey rock and dust appears on the screen. It spreads far and wide as the camera panned.
“We couldn’t pull away from the gravitational pull of the asteroid,” Agatha says, coughing. However, upon landing on it, we discovered that the air is breathable to humans. A search party has been sent out in hopes that the whole asteroid isn’t the same as what you see on the screen. They have been gone for three days, and hopefully they’ll return with good news. All there is to do until then is hope… and wait."
The next clip shows an entirely different scene. As the screen flickers with color again, before you is Settlement One. Agatha is speaking excitedly through her coughing.
“It’s been two weeks since the last entry, and I have most pleasant news!” She says, panning the camera. Settlement One looks roughly the same in the tape as it does today, with only minor differences. A different design painted in the window of a shop, a different sign, less buildings. Small things like that.
“It turns out that this asteroid is already inhabited- and lucky for us! The occupants are welcoming and friendly, and not just human. There are several other species and races here, and from what I’ve gleaned from speaking to some of them, they’ve been here for quite a while. It varies from species to species, and I haven’t spoken to all of them, of course, but there will be time enough for that in the days to come! One person in particular, Callie, claims she arrived with us on Explorer 13, but yet she knows so much about the asteroid. I'll take advantage of her hospitality and kindness, though there is something not right about her." Agatha pushes up her glasses. "I have so much research to do… So many experiments… This will be my last entry for a while. I have so much to do.” There were a few more moments of Settlement one, and then the tape went blank again.
Professor Ng hurries excitedly to stop the video, and eject the tape. "Well, there you have it. Besides the rumors, this is the only actual proof we have of Project Transfer. Now, one thing you're probably wonder is: Why am I human in the video? Well, you see, one night I let my experiments get the best of me. I was trying to discover some serums to cure some of the native viruses here on Cruithne, and I had a sickness, as well. I wanted to put my medicine to the test, so I committed the one thing that you're taught not to do in school. I used myself as the test subject. Somehow, the medicine reacted in my bloodstream, and my sickness got much worse. In two days, I noticed the changes. I started to grow...fur. My hair had changed color, and my whole body started changing. During the third day, the transformation was complete. I morphed at such a fast rate that I did not have time to develop something to halt the process." Ng ruffles her fur. "I have to say, I'm actually used to the change. It's not bad once you get used to it, I guess.
"However, I do believe that somehow I mixed Ailuro DNA with the medication, which reacted in me changing into an odd Ailuro-human hybrid. Unfortunately, I couldn't find a cure. However, I did recreate the serum. I plan on you being my test subject!" You stare in horror, as Agatha forms an evil smile, and walks slowly toward you holding a syringe. As you dart for the door, Agatha starts laughing. She places the syringe on the table, and turns to you. "You silly person! You really think I would put someone else through such a tragic change?" You don't reply, though you feel a bead of sweat drip from your face. "Nothing was in the syringe, anyway. Truth is, I never could recreate the serum that transformed me. I just cannot remember what I did to save my life!
"Now, I'm going to have to end our delightful conversation here. I have an appointment with another person here in a bit, so I need to get ready for that. I have quite a mess to clean up..." She pauses. "Though I think you'll be just fine with that, since I scared you so bad!" Ng shows you to the door, and concludes the visit by whispering, "Glad I gave you a scare. Take it as a late Halloween trick." She winks as you continue your way.
And you still cannot think of why you wanted to talk to her in the first place...

Updates for Nov 24th, 2012:

Origins, Part I

Professor Ng sits at her black desk, rummaging through the junk piled upon it. "Where is it," she asks herself. "I know it is here somewhere!" She plops back in the chair with her head in her hands. Suddenly she hears something fall to the floor.
"Oh my," Ng exclaims, with apparently a returned interest. With that, she dives under her desk, and comes up holding a black video tape - though the white label on the side of the tape is difficult to read, the word "origin" is printed on it. She places the tape on her desk, brushes off her lab coat, and lets out a sigh of relief. All the while you stand confused at her front window, peeking inside to see what is taking her so long to answer her door. You decide to knock again.
This time, she hears you; however, she is startled by your loud knock. She falls out of her chair, knocking over a narrow cabinet full of folders. Papers cover the floor. "Ooof!" Professor Ng stands up again with an apparent look of agitation. "I am coming," she loudly states, furiously kicking and shoving the papers out of her walkspace. She unlocks the door, and catches your gaze. "Oh...You again. This better not be about those wretched Wickletts." She pets her much thinner tail. "If you have spotted more, they're your problem! It took me nearly three hours to brush that wax from my fur!" You cannot help but smile as she tells you this. In a few seconds, Ng does the same. "Look, I am sorry for my outburst. I have just been extremely... busy here lately. Excuse the mess, would you?" She motions you to come forward. "Come on in!"
You follow her inside the lab as she guides you to a nearby table. This was the same table she had patients of the horrible disease sit at. Each of you take a seat in front of each other, and Ng continues. "Okay, why is it you decided to stop by? Are you ill?" With much thought, you cannot remember why you want to speak to Professor Ng. Though you ask the importance of the Origin video, to which she replies, "Oh, that thing? I have been searching for that for a long while now. You know, it is actually a good thing you stopped by! I was wanting to show it to the others once I did find it. Though I can make another showing for you! Take it as a thanks for cleaning up that leftover wax..." Professor Ng abruptly stands up and runs to fetch the tape. On the way, she stumbles on some papers - thankfully, she does not fall!
Professor Ng returns with the Origin tape. You eye the label as she sticks it in the old video player and presses rewind. "Shortly after I arrived on Cruithne - which was long ago - I met this woman named Callie, I won't go into detail with her, as that's a story for another time. In the mean time, I will play this film. It basically explains how our group of humans got to Cruithne. It is a short video diary I started during my last few months on Earth.
"I wanted to show it to the others because I felt, personally, they only know the rumors about our arrival, not the truth. I wanted to be sure that we were all on the same page for the events to come very soon." You see a sparkle in her eyes, and she hints a smile. "The upcoming events will completely change your whole aspect on life here on Cruithne. Who knows? It may even make it more..." She pauses. "Interesting." With that the video stops rewinding, and while you sit befuddled trying to understand exactly what the professor just said, she starts the video. "Enjoy the movie," Ng says, smiling as she turns out the lights, and moves to her desk.
The video begins with a strikingly beautiful woman with blonde hair and blue eyes standing at the center of the screen. She makes a oddly familiar smile, and begins speaking. "Hello, I am Agatha Ng, and this is my video diary. Within the next couple of months, you will get to view the making of the new spaceship that will change life astromically. This is a project that will entirely expand the boundaries of human life. Instead of being bound only to Earth, we will be able to travel the universe in search of other Earth-like planets - at record speeds. This has been an undercover project of the world's most powerful leaders for many years now, and it is nearing completion. If you are viewing this recording, then Project Transfer was a success, and I hope, wherever you are, that life there is just as enjoyable as life on Earth was." Agatha walks out of view, and the screen goes black. In seconds, the video resumes.
“This is the building in which everything will happen. This is the site where we will build and, hopefully, launch Explorer Thirteen.” Agatha, holding the camera, panned the width of the massive building. Her voice was muffled, yet understandable. She pointed the camera towards an expanse of empty field. The air was muted, skies gray with pollution. There was little green left in the scenery you saw in the film.
Agatha turned the camera towards her person. Blonde hair stood out in stark contrast against the black gas mask she wore. "As you can see, we didn't take very good care of Mother Earth. Carbon monoxide levels have reached such a high level that the air outside cannot be inhaled without assistance. Past these government grounds, most everything is a junk yard. This was the reason for Project Transfer."
The video cut, then resumed. Agatha recorded the date and time, then turned the camera to face a window. Past the glass was a vast dome, with a spacecraft mostly built. “We're putting the finishing touches on the Explorer, and then she should be ready to shove off."
There was a short stint of Agatha introducing the most important people building the ship: the Head Engineer and a few folks from NASA who had been asked to join in. In fact, there were people from all over the world working on Project Transfer. Translators from all over worked to make sure everyone understood each other. There was a diplomat from each nation present to make sure their voices were heard.
A few more recordings dictated progress. You learn about the filters the US government had developed to make sure each building was safe to breathe in; and the vacuum enclosures, known as Isolator Rooms, which Japan had invented to make sure the worst contaminants were kept from the main building. Everyone had worked together when the world started collapsing. It was no longer a question of power, but one of survival.
They had built a number of spaceships over the years which had explored reaches of the galaxy they had not expected to find. Many of the ships never returned, but they still had enough data to suggest there was another planet which was capable of sustaining human life. They knew which direction to guide the spacecraft.
The screen turned to static for just a little longer than normal. When you can see Agatha again, she appears tired, there are bags under her eyes and she is pale. “The Isolator Room malfunctioned the other day as myself and a few others were entering the building. I'm afraid we had a minor setback in production as everyone worked together to purify the building once more."
Agatha sneezed. “I may be feeling effects, but I will not quit. Project Transfer is the most important thing we can do right now – it could save people. I will not give up on that."
There were more videos over the course of months. Agatha slowly got worse, and had progressed to coughing whenever she got too excited. She chalked it up to "asthma" and went about her business. A few crew members looked at her dubiously. Yet she was, quite unofficially, in charge of the assignment, and no one said anything out loud.
Finally, the day arrived when Explorer 13 would be blasting off. Agatha's face was flushed with excitement as she recorded the regular information, and reddened more when she spoke of the coming travel.
“Today is the day! Explorer 13 has passed all tests, and has been officially christened. At exactly three-thirty p.m., we will be "blasting off", so to speak."
Her eyes were more alight than you have seen them in months, and even though she had to pause her exclamation to cough, you are caught up in her joy.
“Let's go find a new world!”

To be continued.

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