New Update! (Check it out!)
Every time we make a change to our site we like to add an update to let you all know what's happening, so be sure to check back here often to catch up on the latest Daylight Pets news.

Updates for Feb 1st, 2013:

An Unexpected Event

Due to unforeseen circumstances, we had to restore database to a saved point from five days ago. All pets, items, and DP will be returned to the rightful owners, and everything will be restored up to that point. We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused. Unfortunately, purchases and other actions that were made within the last five days will be taken back.
Again, we apologize for any inconveniences.
-The Daylightpets Team

Another revamp?

Something in this scorching Torch air seems to have changed another shopkeeper! It has been reported that Larz has been experiencing an increase in sales and shoppers here lately. Could it be because of the change he has given Kouren? Maybe Hyacinth knows. She was in fact the first one to spot the difference in the Toy Shop owner!

Trii is the somewhat insecure owner of the Toy Shop. Before, he preferred that his customers would not look at him, but Trii's attitude has changed! Entering his shop now gives off a new feeling - a feeling of happiness. Head on over to the Toy Shop now to see Trii's new look!

Updates for Jan 24th, 2013:

A new do!

There have been rumors of a certain shopkeeper receiving a dazzling new look! All those rumors point back to Hyacinth, who, when questioned, knew exactly which shopkeeper is sporting an updated appearance!

Kouren is the high-spirited, easy to please owner of the Food Shop. Settlers have reported seeing Kouren frequent Larz's Sheer Beauty store, and knew something was up! Head on over to Kouren's shop now, and compliment her on the change. It's said that she gives discounts or larger portions to her nicest customers.
Kouren's biography also has been added to the Risa Library! Head on over there to see her background story, now!

Updates for Jan 18th, 2013:

A special read!

There are definitely some readers out there in search of a whole new reading experience! Well, thanks to Hyacinth, such an experience is available to you in the Book Shop!

Have fun trying to read this Fuzzy Book! It is known to distract those from reading, as it's easy to get caught up in just petting this incredibly soft tome!
It also seems like the New Years items have been officially taken off the shelves. Hopefully you managed to snag a few before they disappeared!

Updates for Jan 17th, 2013:

An Ailuro treat!

Hyacinth wrestled with a few Ailuros for their infamous whacking sticks! Turns out that there's a huge field full of these bamboo sticks!

The Plain Ailuro Bamboo and Blazing Ailuro Bamboo are now being sold in the Food Shop! Ailuros love this treat, and maybe pets of other species may like it, too! Give it a try!

Updates for Jan 15th, 2013:

What an odd insect!

Hyacinth was the first to discover a special insect on the asteroid!

The extremely rare Cruithnean Leafybug is reported to spend most of its time near heavily vegetated areas, evident in the forest area around Settlement One! Don't let this insect's attractiveness catch you or your pet off guard though. Although it is harmless alive, any thing that tries to eat this creature is sure to be hurting afterwards, as this critter is filled with poisonous toxins that may prove to be fatal in large quantities.

Updates for Jan 8th, 2013:

Care for a card game?

The new game, Memory, has been added to the Games page! Head on over there now to test your hand at the trying matching game! Game art was created by Hyacinth and Lucifer; the game button was created by DJMJ.

Items released for Christmas have retired, as well! Hope you managed to get a few before their departure.

Updates for Jan 3rd, 2013:

Whoa! Watch their breath!

It looks like Hyacinth is at it again! This time is a little different though...
Though she is quite an adventurer (she has discovered many strange things on Cruithne), Hyacinth never really had the chance to take a look at the more difficult to reach places on the asteroid, until today. Her travels took her to the scorching area known as Heartache Rift, with assistance from Professor Ng, of course. Ng wanted to gain samples of the lava found at the bottom of the rift. After arriving in their protective suits, Hyacinth and Professor Ng started their descent. Though the journey took an unexpected turn when Hyacinth heard a strange noise behind her, a noise she recognized as flapping wings. Ng turned around quick enough to realize just what they were dealing with, and tackled the confused artist down to the ground just before the being let out a shrilling scream.
"What is that?" Hyacinth asked, pointing at the obviously angered, red creature.
The professor's eyes shined as she let out a snarl, and with that her reply: "Dragons."
Suddenly, what seemed to be only one dragon multiplied to dozens, no, hundreds. The sky grew crimson with the flying reptiles. "Hyacinth..." Ng turned to face the awestruck adventurer who was still staring at the mass of flapping wings. Ng continued. "We have to go. NOW." Professor Ng abruptly stood up, taking Hyacinth up with her. "Run!"
One foot after another, the adventurous duo sped to the top of the rift, a crimson, fire-breathing cloud kept on their heels. Finally, they reached the top, but the chase continued. "If we could gain a lead, we could seek shelter behind one of the boulders," Ng said, losing breath from running such a distance. Fortunately, there was enough distance between the disrupted mob of crimson dragons and the terrified two for them to dive behind one of the large rocks found only near Heartache Rift. They had lost the dragons.
"My, goodness!" Ng exclaimed, with her hands on her head, gasping for air. "I almost thought those territorial demons would follow us back to Settlement One!"
The silence was short-lived, as a similar flapping noise sounded from within a bush a few feet away. This one was different, though. A cool breeze had settled in, which was odd for the peak of the Torch season.
Ng sighed as she patted Hyacinth's back, who was still trying to gain her breath. "We might as well start running again, friend. We have another territorial visitor." She points to the bush, and as if on queue, a beautiful, blue dragon hopped out of the plant. Like the previous one, this one had an odd glow to it. Now, Hyacinth realized, the whole forest was glowing blue.
"But what are these things doing so close to Settlement One, I wonder." The professor turned to Hyacinth with an eerie grin. She had a plan.
In no time, Hyacinth and Professor Ng were in pursuit yet again. This time, however, they were being chased not only by the blue dragons, but the red ones had caught up with them, as well. What these things had against them, Ng had no idea. In no time, they were back at Settlement One. The dragons were no where to be found.
"What these are are Ember and Frost Dragons. They've lived on Cruithne since before I arrived. I admit, I did not realize just how territorial they were until... well, you know. I believe they seen the different settlers here and dispersed, realizing they were way out of their boundaries. I think it's a good thing they did go back, too. Alone, anyone can take on one of those dragons, but in numbers they are nearly unconquerable." She paused enough to look down at her tail. "Really? Those darned Ember Dragons singed some of my fur! First the candle wax, now this! What can happen next? ...Do I even want to ask that question?"

You're in luck! It seems like a few of those Ember Dragons and Frost Dragons are still roaming about the forest around Settlement One! Io managed to catch a few if you want to own one for yourself! Just head on over to the Luna Adoption Agency to get one now!

Updates for Jan 2nd, 2013:


Just because the holidays are over for a while does not mean there isn't a need to celebrate, anyway! To help keep the holiday cheer alive on Cruithne, Hyacinth has created an avatar that keeps even Callisto in a celebrating mood!

Keep your forum posts and profile all decked out with this Fireworks Avatar by purchasing one from the Avatar Shop! This avatar also makes watching fireworks much safer, too!

Updates for Jan 1st, 2013:

Goodbye, 2012!

...And, hello, 2013! To help kick start the new year, Hyacinth has created a two snazzy items! You can find the 2013 Gremble Calendar and 2013 Kazoo in the marketplace!

To make the year start off even better, Eridan found an adorable, new Newborn pet while fishing in Risa!

A playful group of Newborn Acleris are said to be roaming the asteroid. Though if one would want to own one of these, it is advised that you do not use a big, bad net, as the baby Acleris may just have nightmares! If you value sleep, it would be best to rely on luck to tame one of these.

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