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Updates for Aug 3rd, 2013:

Harena 4

Ng and Azaz arrived back at Kouren’s food shop just before sundown, and as Kouren kept bringing the delicious food, Azaz told the professor of Brandhardt’s proposal.
“But what did he mean by ‘assisting in my search’?” Ng asked before having another spoonful of Kouren’s special soup.
Azaz downed his glass of soda, and said, “All I know is what I told you. Questioning the king is blasphemous. I could never put him on the spot like that.” Though he would never tell Agatha this, Azaz was beginning to question Brandhardt and his values, regardless of how it appeared. It was hard for him to believe that the great being Azaz had grown to look up to as a father had been shouting out vicious lies of the outside settlements; however, the bitter hatred towards any place but Harena had blossomed into envy. Never before had Azaz been treated like an equal, except in Kouren’s food shop. Sure, Brandhardt tried his best to treat the young Sphinks like his own child – like an equal – but wasn’t it for nothing if every other Harenian were treated, and thought as themselves as, mongrels?
Knowing she was on touchy grounds, Ng ceased with the questioning. It seemed that the young Azaz was firm with his stance of protecting his king, and she respected that. But it was now that what Callie had said made sense. Was she asking too many questions, and growing too lazy to seek her own answers? “You’re right Azaz, it was out of my place to be asking you those questions. You know, such questions can damage strong friendships. And I seem to be filled with such questions here lately.”
“Then travel with me to Harena, and you can ask Brandhardt all the questions you have.” By this time, Azaz had cleared four different plates of food, as well as several drinks. But now he was filled to the brim; he could eat no more. “I know I have several to ask him myself,” he said quickly.
When the time to go had come, Ng and Azaz tried to pay the bill, but Kouren had insisted that her payment was: “Knowing one hungry belly is off the cold streets.” Agatha told Azaz that Kouren was known for letting people eat at her place for free, and he couldn’t help but to wonder how she could afford to stay in business if she’s constantly giving away her food. Such acts of kindness were still unfathomable to Azaz.
They both were awake before dawn the next day, ready to set off on the journey to Harena. Ng was sure to pack extra clothes in the case of an extended stay at the desert city, and Azaz made certain to stock up on lots of food and water for the trip back (he also packed in a little bit more so that he would have a bit extra to take home with him). In a few hours, they reached the northern edge of what was known as Heartache Rift. Azaz still had his map from previously, and he marked the location of the Frost Dragon attack he had to endure so that he and Ng could steer clear from that location. It appeared to him that she was more afraid of the dragons than he. She never let go of that incredible, thick club that she held in her hand, flinching at every crackle they heard. Once, after coming back after a break, Ng nearly clobbered Azaz over the head thinking he was an angry swarm of dragons. And by nightfall, Harena was in the midst. Both Ng and Azaz were nearly exhausted by the time they reached the gates of the city, but they both knew they had to stick it out if they wanted to make it back home alive. Under a flickering torch, they both noticed Brandhardt waiting for them at the entrance. The flame caused a shadow onto Brandhardt’s right half, which made him appear more intimidating than he was, and just as monstrous. He wore a conniving smirk, only half-visible under the waving flame.
“Well if it isn’t the great Agatha Ng. I must say, I am surprised you came,” Brandhardt exclaimed.

Ng and Azaz walked closer to the Harenian monarch. “And I must say that I am surprised, as well. But don’t think that I’m oblivious to your real intentions, Brandhardt. I know you have more to gain by this little gathering; otherwise, you would have never considered allowing me inside your city.”
Brandhardt snickered, but anyone else that heard it would consider it a roar. “You're over-analyzing it a tad, but that’s to be expected. I take it my little Azaz told you my offer?”
“Yes, but I’d like to hear it from your lips to be sure. Just so we’re on the same page.” Anyone that knew Ng from Settlement One wouldn’t recognize her now. What used to be an innocent scientist interested in helping others was now a dauntless warrior. She knew not to trust Brandhardt, no matter how believable he seemed.
Brandhardt was quick to reply. “Fine, Ng, I’ll discuss with you my terms, but not here. Before we continue this any further, please come with me to my palace.” He turned to Azaz. “As for you, my boy, well done. You’ve done what I asked you with perfection. Please return to your bed now and rest. Such a long journey is exhausting, I’m sure.”
Azaz bowed. “Yes, sir.”
“Oh! I forgot to mention. You will be compensated for your fine service to me, and rather nicely if I may add.” Brandhard patted Azaz on the head. “You’ve no idea what you have done for your city.”
All the while, Ng was analyzing Brandhardt. It seemed the soulless ruler did have a heart, after all. Even though he didn’t make it obvious, Agatha realized now that he shared a bond with that young Sphinks.

Updates for Aug 2nd, 2013:

Darklight has arrived!

Yes, it is that time again! The Slick season has passed and its items have retired from their respective shops, and Darklight has fallen! Pets are now sporting off those brilliant hues once again, and the traditional Festival of Light is on its way!

Updates for Aug 1st, 2013:

Harena 3

The day was young and the sun was high in the clear sky as Azaz headed out on his special quest to find the well-known professor, Ng. He was honored to be picked for this job, as he is for any. He had bought all the necessities from a small desert stall earlier in the day. He wisely purchased a map so that he did not get lost, a loaf of bread to ensure he didn't starve, and a canteen filled with still water to stay out of the dehydration zone. All of this cost Azaz very little, but to some Cruithneans, they'd say it cost a lifetime's earnings. Azaz knew the journey he was proceeding with was long and tiring, but he was loyal to Brandhardt and would not turn back. He was also very confident, and wasn’t afraid of a challenge, no matter what.
En route to Settlement One to seek out Agatha Ng, Azaz began to have flashbacks of his horrifying past, remembering those days that happened some time ago. But Azaz, being the brave, valiant warrior that he was, snapped out of the motion and pushed on, simultaneously taking a slight sip of his water.
Continuing towards Heartache Rift, Harena's neighbor, he started to feel the heat. But he dealt with it, as he was brought up in these kind of conditions. If anyone could withstand this degree of heat, it'd be no other than Azaz. Again, his throat had gone dry, and took a big gulp of his water, while still rationing it for the rest of the journey. Azaz let out a huge yawn as his eyes started to slowly shut, as he started to doze off.
"Ahh.... Mmmm... I could really do with a little nap! I think I'll just rest here for a while,” Azaz said to himself.
Azaz fell asleep on the rock hard ground, not knowing that he had left his backpack wide open while taking out the canteen.
A few hours had passed before Azaz woke up, eventually opening his blurry eyes. While looking around, a flock of Coracii nibbled away at his loaf of bread, before taking it off into the far distance. Not even having eaten any of it, his belly started to grumble as he grew angry. His face, filled with rage, turned dark red as he began to let off a deafening shout.
"It's okay,” he thought to himself. "This journey won’t take even a day! As long as I keep this water handy, I should be just fine". Azaz continued his tiring journey to Settlement One, and was just an hour's walk away from the Rift. He came to a lush, green forest that was said to be swarming with a variety of different ferocious insects and animals. However, not many Cruithneans came here, as even the name of the forest was feared. No one dared to mention it. As he was travelling through the forest, Azaz heard what seemed to be flapping noises coming from behind some thick bushes.
As he glared to his left, where the bush lay, he saw specks of white between the bright green leaves. The bush was suddenly still, as were the white specks. Then, without warning, the bushes started rustling louder, as a swarm of Frost Dragons appeared and flew towards him. Azaz knew how dangerous this rare species was, and knew not to mess with them. He grabbed his satchel, and made a run through the forest. While running, his canteen had unexpectedly fallen out. The Frost Dragons were mere meters behind him, and he decided to quickly fall back to pick it up. As he reached down for the canteen, the dragons swarmed around it, and one even bit Azaz! Their bites weren't too harmful to his thick skin though, as the dragons were but newborn - but had the mother been with them, things could have turned deadly, especially considering how lethal full-grown Frost Dragons could be. Azaz decided it wasn't worth trying to get the canteen, and fled the scene. He had had now lost his food and his water. All he had was his map.

Having stopped by her empty laboratory for some extra supplies, Professor Ng started out on her journey. Before, she had planned on asking Veles to tag along, but she quickly pushed the thought away – as she was sure Veles was growing tired of assisting Ng in her studies. Besides, he did happen to own one of the more popular stores in the area; he was bound to be busy.
Thus, she started walking north of Settlement One. As she was walking, she could not help but to think of the peaceful settlement she was leaving behind, and the mysterious, dangerous area she was travelling towards.
“If I happen to meet just one of those frightful dragons,” Agatha told herself as she looked at the whacking stick she held in her left hand, “I’ll give him a good scare.” She couldn’t help but to laugh at herself.
"Look at me," she thought, "I’m turning into a lunatic."
But no matter how crazy she thought she was, the professor had a feeling she was going to stumble across something this time – and she could not have been more right.
Azaz came to the conclusion that he was nearing the settlement after he began to feel the dreadful heat emitted from the furnace of a rift shift to a cooler temperature. He didn’t think Cruithne’s seasons had such a significance until he was well into the forest surrounding Settlement One. Here, the air was brisk, and the ground was covered with patches of white snow – this was much different than the constant dry, hot weather he was accustomed to back in Harena. Here, even the wildlife had changed with the weather, to better blend with the surroundings. Confusion swept over Azaz. For years, Brandhardt had told him stories of the wretched world outside of Harena – how the creatures were loathsome and disgusting, and about such a lack of peace. Though it was becoming clear to Azaz that it was appearing that Brandhardt’s stories were those of the sandy city in which he lived. Azaz realized that the only real peace he had ever experienced was in the middle of this great forest, despite his unfortunate loss of food and water. Around him, the birds and other wildlife roamed freely teaching their young what it was like living with freedom. Back home, what little amount of wildlife there was was either baking under the fiery sun, or being included in the food rations Harenians received once a week.
"Hopefully this professor is able to bring my old home back to life," Azaz thought.
It was then that he looked down long enough to notice the footprints. An entirely different set of footprints trailed through the snow beside his own. As he looked up, Azaz noticed a set of eyes peering back at him from the bushes.
“Aghhhhh!” Azaz screamed as he began to scurry away, but he didn’t make it too far before slipping on some fresh snow. He turned on his back to see that his stalker was what appeared to be a scientist of some sort. Tufts of her fur were tangled in the bushes. “Wait, wait! I’m not going to hurt you.” The strange scientist looked back with an insane look. He then noticed the rather large club she was holding. With that, the scientist tossed her club to the ground. “Don’t mind that. Never know what you’re going to run into here in the forest, and you did stumble upon me rather unexpectedly.” Azaz kept entirely still, never breaking eye contact from the scientist.
“My name is Agatha Ng. I work as a research scientist in Settlement One.” She started to walk towards Azaz, and she put out her hand, expecting a handshake. She obviously hadn’t walked the streets of Harena in a while, he noted.
Azaz shook her hand. “My name is Azaz. And, you’re exactly the person I am looking for.”
Puzzle, Ng replied, “Excuse me?”
“I come from Harena, and I was sent by the great Brandhardt to deliver to you his message.” Azaz scanned Ng, seeing that she appeared fit for a spelunking trip, perhaps a little over prepared for his taste.
“Brandhardt, the leader of Harena, sent you? Why didn’t he visit personally?” Though Agatha knew that Brandhardt was too paranoid to step out of his desert, she felt she should throw the question in the air anyway. After all, this was exactly the kind of thing she needed – social interaction.
Azaz put a hand to his stomach as it grumbled. “Look, Professor, I’ll explain everything to you, but until then, I must ask: Would you happen to have anything I can eat? Some Coracii decided to make a meal of my bread earlier, so I’ve yet to eat anything.” She smiled, and motioned him to come with her. “There’s someone I want you to meet back in Settlement One - if you would walk with me. She doesn’t let anybody go hungry.”

Updates for Jul 31st, 2013:

Harena 2

Things were going slow for Professor Ng. During the particular time of year, the lava in Heartache Rift was at its highest point, causing her to cancel plans to trek back down to continue her search (which initially was halted due to the sudden attack from those sinister dragons). Fortunately, the lava was showing signs of decline, though the Rift would be too dangerous to explore for a few months still. Not much could be done in Risa for the knowledge-hungry scientist, either, because of Ingrid’s constantly growing informational library. Overall, Agatha Ng was stuck; her last truly big assignment was during the devastating disease outbreak, which nearly cost her her life. “The best discoveries are to come,” Agatha kept telling herself, despite the grim outlook that the next “big” thing could possibly be in a future generation.
This day, though, Ng had planned to have lunch with Callie like she did once every week. The subject of such dinners differed with each week; though they nearly always had topics relating to Callie’s past. Even though Agatha knew Callie was growing frustrated of the constant hammering of details of her past, the professor was desperate to find something about Cruithne that she didn’t know yet. Callie, like every time before, ordered some lemon pancakes to eat, along with a cold glass of milk. One day, Ng tried to order for Callie, since Callie orders the same thing each time. However, Callie wouldn’t allow it. This puzzled Agatha, but since Callie has ordered her meals for herself.
This particular meeting, however, would prove to be slightly different than those before. As Kouren approached Agatha and Callie’s table, Agatha sensed something different about her friend. “Well, hello, ladies. I assume you both want your usual orders?” Kouren asked, never letting go of that homely smile she used so perfectly.
“Actually, no, Kouren,” Callie said softly. “Today, I’d like only a glass of water, please. I’m actually haven’t worked up a good enough appetite to eat just yet.”
Kouren scribbled down some notes on the slip of paper she held in her hand, and looked to Agatha for a reply. Agatha, being started by the change of routine, decided to order only a glass of water, as well. “Coming right up,” Kouren proudly exclaimed.
Jokingly, Ng said, “Those pancakes are finally getting to you, aren’t they?”
Unfortunately, Callie seemed to not respond to the professor’s humor. “I just don’t feel like eating, is all.”
Ng nodded, and after a short, awkward pause, decided to break the silence. “So, last time you were talking a bit about your crew, would you…?”
“Please, change the subject, Agatha. It’s getting incredibly tiresome to have to explain every detail of my life here over to you each week. Besides, I think perhaps I hold control of today’s conversation, if that would be okay with you?”
Startled, Agatha nodded quickly. “I meant no offense to you, Callie.”
“Oh, old friend, I know. Sometimes your never ending thirst for knowledge about the same subject gets a little… Well, boring.” At this time, Kouren arrived with the two glasses of water, along with a handful of candies.
“It isn’t like the both of you to not order something on the menu, so take these complimentary sweets instead,” Kouren said quickly. Both Agatha and Callie accepted the sweets happily. The candy wrappers were extremely colorful beyond any means. Kouren could make anything look enticing. Settlers say that she could make a can of black sludge look scrumptious – though the skilled cook was not about to mess with such a dirty material.
After a sip of water, Callie continued. “Well, Agatha, I wanted to ask if you knew about Harena…?”
“What about Harena?”

“Well, surely you know of the folklore about the place. All I’m saying is that perhaps instead of hounding me for more information you’ve heard about a dozen times, why not take your studies there?” Callie began to unwrap on the candies that lay in the center of the wooden table.
“Last I heard, the Harenian leader, Brandhardt, wasn’t about to let anyone conduct studies in the city, especially me. Since the disease outbreak, he’s been somewhat hostile towards me.”
“That’s certainly true. Maybe someday he will come to his senses on things. We just need to find something different to talk about during our little talks here. I mean, come on Aggie, you have got to have something new to talk about. You are Cruithne’s only professor, that we know of.”
Ng frowned. “That’s just it, Callie. There is nothing. There has been nothing for months, and it is getting slightly depressing. I need something to keep my mind focused. Otherwise, I’ll be an ex-adventurer, selling goods like Veles.”
Callie did catch Agatha’s humor that time. “Ah, ol’ Veles. I haven’t heard from him lately. But that really is beside the point. Maybe you should head back down to Heartache Rift. I’m confident that you could discover something new there.”
With a piece of candy rolling in her hand, the professor chuckled. “Did you not see my face after my last failed attempt to travel to the Rift? Those dragons got the best of me. And, frankly, even if those dragons do let me pass, I’m afraid the lava will be a hindrance to explore any deeper.”
Callie stood up, and walked over to her friend. With a hand patting Ng’s back, Callie said, “At least you could look around on your way there, you know. You have more of a chance to find something worthwhile if you at least try to head back up to Heartache Rift. Sitting here sulking about it will get you nowhere… not to mention it'll give me a headache!”
“I guess you’re right. I do need to get away, even if it is for a short while.” Ng popped a piece of candy into her mouth. “Would you care to go out there with me? I’m sure Veles is too busy with his store, otherwise I would ask him.”
Callie shook her head. “Sorry, friend, I already have plans with Ingrid back in Risa. We’re starting a book club up there.” She looked around to find Kouren humming in the back, bringing out some fresh doughnuts. “Kouren, how much do we owe you?”
Kouren laughed. “Don’t worry about it. It just makes me happy when you both pay me a visit.”
Both Agatha and Callie put a few DP on the table, anyway. “Well, take a little DP at least, Kouren. It could help pay for the other things you’ve let us get out of paying,” Callie said.
Kouren couldn’t hear now, as she had her head near the oven, ready to put another batch of food in.
Callie pointed a finger at Ng. “If you need anything, just let me know.”
“Alright, I guess I will give heading out to the Rift another try.”
“Good! And if you ever want to join the book club, you know where to find me!”
And with that, Callie exited the café. Agatha let out a sigh of relief. Maybe, she thought, just maybe she would find something to spark her interest yet again. Finally, Ng walked out of Kouren’s shop, heading towards her lab to gather the needed supplies for exploring.

Updates for Jul 29th, 2013:

A new ration item!

Cruithneans can now receive a new ration item, thanks to Hyacinth!

The Newborn Swydd Slider Puzzle is now located in the rations! Head on over there to get yours now!

Updates for Jul 28th, 2013:

Harena 1

The days had grown fierce for the territorial leader of Harena. Two years after the wretched battle with the infamous Cruithnean plague had left a lasting impression on Brandhardt’s view on the human settlers and their associates. However, with the discovery of the ancient city of glass, Risa, the king began to experience a change of heart for the strange, foreign race; however, he still had difficulty viewing the humans as equals.
How could, he thought, a race so undeveloped and new to Cruithne be seen as equals to those who’ve been alive and were born on the asteroid? Nonetheless, Brandhardt, with hesitancy, decided to give the human settlers a chance, for the sake of Harena.
Ever since the disease had Brandhardt watched the population and interest in Harena fall rapidly. What was once the most notable tourist attraction on the asteroid was now a barren city, withering in the sands of time. Now was the time to put the city of the desert back on the map, to restore its valuable position as the most interesting and ancient settlement on Cruithne.
It’s time to rebuild.
Though he may be many things, Brandhardt was certainly not a sympathizer. Being cut off from human civilization for such a time permanently altered the Harenian monarch. However, if it meant saving the golden city from complete dissipation, Brandhardt would do what had to be done.
The mighty Brandhardt did not lack a plan. He had been carefully watching the humans as they assisted Professor Ng in all of her studies, which led to the discovery of Risa – a city wrapped in such an enigma that he, himself, could not even solve. So, for this one time, he decided to give these foreign creatures a chance at winning back his trust. Were they to mess up, the gates to Harena would be barred from human interaction for eternity.
The king shifted uncomfortably in his throne, and called for Azaz, the one being that Brandhardt could call a true friend. It was in no time that Azaz blasted the palace doors open in one thrust, and ran to Brandhardt’s feet, bowing.

“Stand up, Azaz. You know I don’t expect, nor appreciate, any of that nonsense from you. You need not bow to me, as we are most certainly equals. In fact, for your tremendous dedication and loyalty to Harena, it is I who should be bowing to you.”
Azaz sighed, and shook his head, his crisp, brown eyes meeting Brandhardt’s black. “No matter, you are still my king.” His lips formed a humble grin. “What is it you need?”
Brandhardt motioned Azaz to sit on the ruby red chair opposite of the throne. “I need you to make an arrangement for a meeting with the Settlement One scientist, Ng. Inform her that I will only be speaking to her, alone – no other outsiders will be allowed in my palace.” Brandhardt’s face beamed with a burst of mischief. “Tell her that I’ll aid in her search if she helps mine.”
Puzzled, the young Sphinks made a last, quick nod.
Azaz met Brandhardt shortly after the disease outbreak. Azaz was only a few years old when the sickness claimed his parents. He was left with nothing, being forced into quarantine until he could be deemed as “uninfected” beyond any shadow of a doubt. Sadly, many of his friends were taken under a suspicion that they could be sick, and were taken at night while sleeping. None of them returned, even after the war for survival concluded and the disease faded from existence. He was prepared for whatever that was approaching, for, though he was but an adolescent, Azaz was entirely independent and knew how to take care of himself.
When the perpetrators came to capture Azaz, he didn’t go peacefully. He still has the many scars from the beatings night after night, as punishment for his numerous failed escape plans. The war was over, it is said, months before the surviving creatures in quarantine were released. Brandhardt ordered the guards to release those in the confinement, which was located a few miles west of Harena, in a still unexplored area. But what Brandhardt hadn’t realized is that the “prisoners” were, in fact, not all cured. There was one that was still infected. Though Azaz showed no symptoms of the sickness, the disease flowed freely in his veins. And it was this orphaned Sphinks that the Harenian king decided to bring back with him to the city – to raise him as his own.
Azaz cringed at the thought of his past. The memories and experiences that occurred in the camp he intentionally kept himself from thinking about; it brought him too much pain to think of the horrible things that happened there. To keep the thought of the solitude out of his mind, Azaz helped the king as much as he could. It was his way of thanking Brandhardt for picking him up when he needed it most.
The once great city of Harena had fallen through the cracks, and it was strangely turning to look more and more like the quarantine camp. What were once magnificent statues lay as rubble scattered about the street. The long row of cottages and houses were now emptied and left to rot. Harena had been kept in total isolation for much of Azaz’s life, but the ill-effects were starting to be increasingly evident. Even the beautiful, golden sand that sparkled in the sunlight had diminished to a yellow-grey. Azaz was holding only onto the hope that the Harenian leader would consider letting the humans reside in the once magnificent city, to restore it to what it once was.
It was going to take days to travel the dangerous route to Settlement One. Azaz felt honored to be carrying out such an important order for the king; however, he had not visited Settlement One, let alone even knew what it looked like. Before he would start his lengthy journey, Azaz stopped by the desert stall, to get the few things that he could rely on to get him safely to the human settlement: a map, a loaf of bread, and a canteen filled with water.

Updates for Jul 26th, 2013:

Just a quick update.

Hello Everyone,

As you may have seen this site has gone quiet lately, but we are in the middle of transitioning current site work to new coders. The current project is nearing its completion and more exciting features are coming very soon!

Updates for Jul 24th, 2013:

Newborn Redraw

...Couldn't resist this cuteness?

This adorable redraw of Newborn Swydd was brought to us by Ixyra!

Updates for Jul 22nd, 2013:

A new ration item!

Now, thanks to Enki, the ration machine is now stocking a new item!

The Plastic Bomb Figurine is now available in Settlement One! Head on over to the rations machine to get yours, now!

Updates for Jul 21st, 2013:

The Jedi of the Sea

The Narwhal Avatar has been given a new, updated look thanks to Undisclosed!

Head on over to the Avatar Shop so Callisto can show you this spiffy avatar!

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