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Updates for Nov 2nd, 2013:

Wish upon a star

Hyacinth has created a special avatar, for those of you who like to look up at the stars!

The Stargazer Avatar is now available in the Avatar Shop! Head on over there to purchase yours, now!

Updates for Oct 31st, 2013:

The Baaaarbaric Halloween II

The one to have been victimized this time was Veles, though he wouldn't quite explain the situation.
“Veles! What happened?!” Ng scanned the room. He didn’t have any candy.
“Callie, Professor. You would never believe this, but… Sheeple! The dastardly, little things are insane!”
Ng saw that mud and grass had been smeared across the Armoury’s white-tiled floor. The splendid glass display cabinet that had once held several of Veles’ healing concoctions and weapons had been shattered. A pink liquid was splattered on the floor. “You don’t have any candy, do you?”
Veles chuckled. “Now, Professor, surely this isn’t the time for a sweet tooth. We really do have an ordeal here.”
“The Sheeple are after candy,” Callie explained.
“Oh!” Veles exclaimed. “They’re after more than just candy, ladies. I think they’re after carnage.”
Agatha Ng then noticed blood on an axe that Veles held in his hand. She pointed at the weapon. “Is that…?” Her eyes moved down, behind the front desk, and she could see a white, fluffy corpse of a Sheeple sprawled on the floor.
Veles beamed with excitement. “Got me one, I did! After they saw the head fly off…”
“Veles, please. We can do without the details,” Callie peeped. She squinted her eyes.
He tossed the axe in the air, and caught it with his other hand. “Long story short, they knew not to mess with me.”
“Better,” Callie noted, shaking her head.
As Callie and Veles talked, Ng was already examining the dead, decapitated Sheeple. “Guys, something’s up.” Suddenly, she shot up and ran to grab her whacking club.
Curiosity filled the air, as life returned to the Sheeple. It awkwardly stood up.
“By Skyra…” Callie muttered, and ran to grab the scythe that had lain on the display case.
“What’s happening, Professor? What do I do?” Veles gripped his axe, contemplating whether or not he should swing.
“It must have reacted to the spilled health potions. It’s wound is healing itself, despite the missing head.”
“A headless Sheeple? You have got to be kidding me…” Veles murmured, right as Callie jumped, and drove the pointy edge of the scythe deep into the Sheeple’s torso. When she saw that it did no good, she pulled the scythe out, and stabbed the thing one, two, three, four more times. The walls of the Armoury and Callie were bathed in crimson blood and fluff.
And yet, the Sheeple stood back up. It’s dismembered head began to baa.
“This is madness,” Ng whispered, in awe at the Sheeple’s newfound immortality. And it truly was.

Eventually, the headless Sheeple began scurrying about, but only before Agatha sedated it for studying.
In the lab, Ng was shaking her head in disbelief that something this tragic could happen in one day. She began to think that perhaps she had jinxed the settlement of having something terrible happen every Halloween.
Suddenly, Veles and Callie entered the lab.
“Find anything else?” Ng asked, carefully observing the head of the Sheeple. They both shook their heads.
“No, nothing at all. Seems I scared them off,” Veles stated courageously.
“Or they’re busy devising a plan to break their little friend here free,” Callie noted grimly.
“Well I’d say keep looking. Those are domesticated Sheeple. They won’t just run off on a whim like that.”
Io then entered the lab. He was soon struck with horror as he noticed the Sheeple on the observation table. “Seems you’ve caught one of my babies… Killed is more like it.”
Veles had shown a friendly gesture to Io with a soft punch to his back. “Sorry about that, Bub. They startled me.”
“Well, you’d like to know then that they’ve returned. Each of them came back to their pens for fresh water.” Io laughed. “Guess they didn’t like being out there having to fend for themselves.”
A little confused, Callie turned to Io. “Just like that?” She snapped her fingers. “Sixty-three Sheeple just walked back where they belong?”
“Sixty-two my dear. The third one is resting on that table right now. And yes, they know where they can be best cared for.”
Suddenly, Ng interrupted them all. “Guys, it’s dead. The potion must have worn off.”
“You’re telling me that the Sheeple was alive? It’s missing its head!” Io opened his arms in disbelief.
Ng turned to Callie. “Cal, go alert Kouren that the problem has been solved. Sweets from Harena specifically sells candy, so I’m betting she will bring some. And Veles, we’ll be by later to help you clean up.”
Ng said goodbye to her friends, and delivered the once immortal Sheeple back to Io. “I saw that you have a bond with each of these creatures, so I thought it would be respectable to give it back to you for a nice burial.”
“Thank you, Agatha. I regret ever giving them the candy. It was a rewards system afterall. Guess the candy had grown into an addiction for them.”
“Wait… You fed them candy for good behavior?”
Io darted out the lab. “Farewell, Agatha Ng!” And with that, Ng was alone once more, but only for a short while.

The next day, Brandhardt arrived with his friends, and Sweets did in fact bring bags of candy. More than was ever needed, in fact.
Later they would find that Kouren and Sweets were in a competition to find who could make the most candy, and the best tasting, for Halloween.
So, although that competition was a loss for Kouren, there would always be next year, provided that nothing happened to hinder it once more. And we won’t keep any promises.

So, on an ending note, the Daylightpets Team wishes everyone a happy Halloween! To those of you who are Trick-Or-Treating tonight, be sure to stay safe!
To bring this Halloween update to a close, two previously released beanies are now hitting the marketplace! Head on over to the Beanie Emporium to purchase your own - they will only be available for a very limited time!

The Baaaarbaric Halloween I

A few months had passed after the Harena reconstruction, Professor Agatha Ng finally had her resting time. Granted, most of her time was occupied with researching the Harenian tablet as to what was inscribed onto the stone, but that was her only priority, and she loved the simplicity of her new routine. However, she was not at all ignorant of Cruithne’s demented sense of humor. It seemed Settlement One was a magnet for strange behavior; last year, the Wickletts savagely trashed the settlement, not to mention the deadly plague that swept the entire asteroid years before, taking many lives and plunging the asteroid into an era of violence and insanity.
Yes, Professor Ng was taking advantage of her time off, but she was sure something would come up. ”Something always happens on Halloween specifically…,” Ng often stated. And this Halloween, like all the others before, would not be any different.
One thing that would break from the ordinary Halloween tradition was the planned arrival of Brandhardt and several of his Harenian friends. So, with the knowledge of their new visitors arrival, settlers arranged and decorated the area with orange and purple lights, and other Halloween flair. Costumes and candy also sat prepared for the big night. Usually Halloween at Settlement One was not so large of a celebration, but due to the Harenian visitors, Ng and the other settlers felt it only acceptable to provide the guests with the best experience possible.
With the thoughts of discovering more about the tablet, and Halloween swirling around in her mind, Ng asked herself if she needed to prepare an emergency pack for the dozens of settlers, or if a fire extinguisher would be suitable. She had a feeling they would be needing them.
Suddenly, two knocks came from the lab door. Broken from her thoughts, Ng walked to see her visitor. With a quick glance in the paned window on the left of the laboratory door – as she opened the door - she realized it was Callie. The professor greeted her friend, and offered her a seat inside, but Callie declined.
“No, but thank you Agatha. I won’t be long.” With a deep breath, she continued. “I was expecting to arrive tomorrow, but I thought I would come early to help set things up.”
The professor smiled. “I’m sure the others will be excited to know they have an extra set of hands.” With an arm resting against the frame of the door, Ng felt that things could actually be calm for once at the settlement. However, things took an unexpected turn when a piercing scream sounded from the center of the village.
Nothing needed to be said between the two. Ng grabbed her whacking club, and with Callie, rushed to find what was wrong.
It was not difficult to find the screamer, as a crowd of settlers surrounded Kouren’s food shop. The professor and Callie pushed past the crowd to find Kouren with her head to the ground. Scattered about the floor were dozens and dozens of candy wrappers.
“Kouren what happened?” Ng asked, running to help Kouren stand. “Are you hurt?”
Through the sobs, Kouren finally spoke. “Oh it’s just horrible, Aggie.” She sniffled. “The candy is all gone!”
A few muffled giggles erupted from the crowd standing at the entrance to the shop. “Candy? Gone?” Ng even had difficulty maintaining a straight face. Kouren was taking whatever had happened very seriously.
“You don’t understand. None of you do! Someone ate all my candy! The candy I’ve been preparing for the past week for tomorrow. And it’s all gone! All those ingredients wasted!” Kouren buried her head in the half eaten candy wrappers. “It doesn’t make it any better that the thief didn’t even care to remove the packages, before devouring the sweets. See..?” Kouren handed Callie a handful of wrappers.
“She’s right,” Callie stated, observing the plastic candy wrappers. “Many of the candies weren’t even eaten completely. Some of the candy still is in the wrapper. It was as if an animal…”
Ng, trying to make sense of the strange crime, said, “Kouren, you didn’t happen to catch a glimpse of…?”
Kouren interrupted with a firm, “No.” Then, “I was facing the ovens in the back.”
“I don’t think a settler could’ve done this, no matter how savage some of them tend to be,” Ng said, picking up one of the wrappers. “Look.”
Both Callie and Kouren looked at the wrapper, but despite the fact that it was half missing, they noticed nothing. “What are we supposed to be looking for?”
“The soot on this, is what I meant; the soot on the floor. They’re prints, and small ones at that.”
“But what kind of animal would want Kouren’s candy?” Callie asked, patting Kouren on the back.
“Well, the question is, who wouldn’t?! My candy’s fabulous!” Kouren shouted, boohooing directly afterwards.
The crowd diminished at last, from boredom most likely, and Callie and Ng were left chuckling at Kouren’s previous statement.
“Don’t worry, Kouren,” Ng assured her. “We’ll find the culprit.”
“I know I’ve seen these prints before, but I can’t quite pin it down,” Callie whispered to herself, carefully looking at the prints on the ground.
“I know of someone who may know what we’re dealing with here, Callie. Go get Io. I’m sure he could identify these prints.”

Within seconds of Io’s arrival at Kouren’s shop, he recognized the prints. “Well this is unfortunate,” he said.
“What is it?” Kouren, Callie, and Ng asked in unison.
“Sheeple. Those are Sheeple tracks. I see them all the time as they’re grazing in the field.”
“But that’s just it. They graze. They have no business taking my delightful sweets!”
A grin was plastered on Ng’s face. She just couldn’t take the situation seriously. “Kouren, please. We need to think.”
“You’re right. Besides, I have some cakes to bake.” With that, Kouren walked solemnly to her cooking room.
“Okay, so I assume you haven’t noticed any strange behavior from the Sheeple lately?” Ng asked Io, again scanning the ground.
Callie and Ng sat in silence waiting for Io’s response. He was hiding something. “Well, I guess I did notice something…” Kouren began humming in the back. “You see, the Sheeple are sort of… missing. They disappeared a few hours ago. That’s when I noticed them gone at least.”
Smugly, Callie said, “Well, it adds up.”
“How many Sheeple are missing? One, maybe two?”
“Sixty-three.” Io smirked.
Both Callie and Ng were in shock, their mouths agape. “Sixty-three Sheeple?!” They shouted.
“What can I say? Sheeple are by far my favorite breed of Lunas. They’re such… Collected creatures.” And even Io found that hard to believe.
“So we have sixty-three individual Sheeple running amok, and nobody’s even seen them?” Callie asked, flabbergasted.
“Well, Cruithnean Sheeple typically graze in groups of a dozen or so. They’re strange but fascinating creatures.”
“Io… Io, we really have a problem on our hands. I need you to tell me why the Sheeple are eating candy. What else do they have a craving for?” Asked Ng. What was a more humorous situation flipped to a grim one in minutes.
Io cleared his throat, and explained. “I may have dropped a few Frost Mints on the ground the other day, and a Sheeple or two happened to eat them, before I picked them up. These Sheeple literally can eat anything, but I think they’re only after the candy.”
“Io, you’ve done enough.” Ng paused for a breath. “Please just go back to your shop. Make sure every Luna is secured this time.
After Io left, Callie and Ng stood silently in the middle of Kouren’s trashed shop.
Callie was the first to break the silence. “How are we going to fix this, Agatha? Those Sheeple could be anywhere by now.”
Suddenly, another scream sounded in the village, followed by a loud crash. “We have to move!” Ng grabbed Callie and together they ran outside.

Updates for Oct 29th, 2013:

Better watch your luck...

Perhaps you should have held on to that Luck of the Irish that was distributed last St. Patrick's Day... Cypher has just created two items that may whisk all that hard-earned luck away!

The Black Cat and Reaper Beanie are now stalking Settlement One just in time for Halloween. You better watch every crack you step on from here on out. There just may be a Reaper Beanie waiting to catch you...

Updates for Oct 28th, 2013:

A gummy ration!

Settlers can now obtain a special ration item, thanks to Hyacinth!

Head on over to the rations machine, so that you can get your own Ghost Jellies now!

Updates for Oct 27th, 2013:

More Halloween items!

Cypher and Undisclosed have been conspiring in one of the backrooms to bring us two more items that support the frightful night that is approaching!

The Jack O Lamp and the Bat Avatar created by Cypher and Undisclosed respectively are now available for purchase! Maybe you could use that Jack O Lamp for light to read one of those scary books!?

Updates for Oct 26th, 2013:

Some extra Halloween flair.

Just when you think there cannot be any more Halloween items, Hyacinth has created a couple more!

You can get this lovely Skull Candle and Witches Hat at the marketplace! You could even save one of those candles for the Festival of Light next year!

Updates for Oct 25th, 2013:

Gather around the campfire.

You better start preparing those scary stories for when it is your time to speak over the campfire! But, thanks to Hyacinth, those of us who procrastinate can simply read one from a spooky Halloween-themed book!

The Bat Book is now stocking in the marketplace! And for when you finish this book, a couple of previously released Halloween books are now available, too!

Head on over to the shop so you can purchase some of these, now

Updates for Oct 24th, 2013:

A sticky situation...

With Halloween quickly approaching, Hyacinth has been hard at work to provide us with some delicious candy!

The Spiderweb Lollipop, Jack O Lantern Lolllipop, Bat Lollipop, and Prismlight Lollipop are now available just in time to prepare the Halloween candy supply! Maybe you could even sneak one before the big day...?

Updates for Oct 22nd, 2013:

Even More Things!

It looks as though Undisclosed has been working with avatars again, to bring us these!

The Boing Avatar and Teddy Bear Avatar are now stocking in the Avatar Shop!

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